My name is Penelope and I am a freshman at Reardan High School. I have bright blond hair and I'm told that I have a beautiful smile by my boyfriend Arnold. He's the best.
Here's one of my friends, Roger. We like to go to the diner sometimes and we eat lunch together at school. We're good friends and it's even better that he has a good relationship with my dad.
I can't forget about my boyfriend Arnold. He takes care of me and he's so cute! He is always there for me and I can trust him with my secrets, like my bulimia, my loneliness, my dreams of going to Stanford, being an architect, and traveling the world. We are so compatible because of our similarities. We are both dreamers and we don't want to be just like everyone else.
I'm very involved in sports at my school. I'm a part of the cheerleading squad and I love playing volleyball! It's really fun being part of the cheer team because our school wins most of the games and I can cheer on Roger who's on the football team!

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