Anne Frank Portfolio Brandon dang - Period 1

The secret annex

The secret annex is where the Frank and Pfeffer family hid from the nazi's. Otto Frank, Anne's father disguised the secret annex as his spice shop so it doesn't look suspicious. The entrance to the secret annex was a bookcase that slid open.

A picture from the outside of the Anne Frank home

Westerkerk Church

In Anne's diary she heard church bells nearby. Those bells came from Westerkerk church, which is still here today. It has been up for 500 years, it was built in 1620 to 1631.

Picture from the front of Westerkerk

Nuremberg law

Nuremberg laws were used to show who was a Jew and who wasn't. One Nuremberg law was that Jews had to wear the David star on all there clothing. The law that I think is most interesting is that Jews and people with German blood were not allowed to marry. Another law was that if you were a Jew younger than 45 you couldn't hire someone to work in your house Hitler. If you broke any of these rules as a male you would be sent to prison and either did or didn't do hard labor depending on what you did. Hitler wanted to discriminate and single out the Jews so that he could use them for labor or kill them. Hitler also used propaganda to seem more menacing to make them follow the laws.


Propaganda was used to persuade people's ideas about a certain race or a type of person. One type of propaganda is demonization this is when an illustrated picture shows someone or something coming off as a demon and is evil and scary. Another was patriotic appeal they use patriotic symbols to show people's national pride. Hitler used propaganda to make Jews think they were not as important as other people. America used propaganda pictures against the Japanese and Nazi's. Dr. Seuss was one person that made propaganda pictures against Hitler telling people that he's doing no good for the world.


Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born June 12th 1929 and died in February 1945. Anne Frank was a 13 year old kid that was often childish and playful but when needed she is serious. Anne was given a diary while in the secret annex and wrote about what happened everyday. After Anne died in the concetration camp called Bergen-Belsen, Miep a friend of the Frank's gave her diary to her father Otto Frank.

Otto Frank

Otto Frank was born May 12, 1889 and died August 19th 1980. Otto Frank was the only Frank to survive the holocaust. Otto was often the leader because he was logical with his decisions and usually made most of the descisions. Otto Frank also did an interview about the relationship he had with Anne he said that they had a good relationship but after he read the diary he learned that Anne hid a lot of feelings and in the end talked about how parents don't really know there teenager.

Miep Gies

Miep Gies was born on February 15,1909 and died on January 11, 2010. Miep Gies was an assistant for Otto Frank's company. While the Frank's and van pels were in hiding Miep got them food so that they didn't need to go outside. Miep when she was young was sent to the Netherlands because her parents couldn't afford to feed her and she was starving. She ended up liking the Netherlands so much her original parents allowed her to stay forever with her Dutch parents.

Margot Frank

Margot Frank was born February 16, 1926 and died February 1945. Margot was Anne's sister and Otto's daughter. Margot is 3 years older than Anne was very quiet and got good grades. Anne described Margot as quiet and ate little, although some arguments in the secret annex. Margot also had diary when inside the secret annex but hers was never found. Margot wanted to become a maternity nurse and study medicine. Otto her father stated after that Margot also had a diary but it was never found.

Act 1 summary

In act 1 of the Diary of Anne Frank, the Franks and the Van Daan's flee from Nazi armies and go into hiding inside a attic and is inside what used to be Otto Frank (Anne's father) spice shop until Jews weren't allowed to own companies or businesses. When they go into hiding Anne tries to make the most out of the situation while people like Peter the son of Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan realize hes stuck with this girl as his only friend until the war is over. During the time they are hiding Mrs. Van Daan is flirting with Mr. Frank and Mr. Van Daan is stealing food and Peter and Anne are starting to build some sort of relationship. The climax of act 1 is when a thief comes inside the building while they are celebrating Hanukkah and Anne faints so peter is told to get water but then Mr. Van Daan thinks the thief will hear the water running so they don't get the water and then Peter is instructed to turn off the light then suddenly peter falls off the chair and lands on the floor, which scares away the thief.

Warsaw ghetto uprising

the Warsaw Ghetto was an uprising of Jews in Poland that were stuck with strict rules and resulted with being shot if rules were broken. The "ghettos" were setup in cities controlled by Nazi's and the Warsaw Ghetto was the largest. Some of the Jews were sent to Treblinka and seized weapons from the camps armory and tried to escape many were recaptured and executed. The result of the uprising was about 7,000 Jews perished an estimated 50,000 others who survived most were sent to labor camps to work. This lifted Jewish morale because this gives them hope that they have a chance to escape.


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