Join Together Varsity and JV teams coming Together


Diversity is a good thing because it “enhances creativity and encourages the search for new information and points of view, leading to better decisions and problem solving” (How Diversity Makes Us Smarter). “Diversity works by promoting hard work and creativity” (How Diversity Makes Us Smarter), for example, there was a last year’s study that was done with Diversity works good with conflict. According to the article Diverse Backgrounds and Personalities Can strengthen Groups, “teams with a very stable membership deteriorate in performance over time because members become too similar in viewpoint to one another or get stuck in ruts.’’ An example of diversity being good is when several small town mayors joined big-city mayors last year in signing a letter saying that they had accepted Syrian refugees and would take more. Eskinder Negash, said “Every time a refugee rents an apartment, every time a refugee shops for food, there’s some income coming in for city and going into the tax base. “There’s a new realization that refugees can be an economic engine for some of these small communities.”

Diversity can work in many ways by, “promoting hard work and creativity and encouraging the consideration of alternates even before any interpersonal communication takes place” (How Diversity Makes Us Smarter). If you don’t have different point of views from a wide range of people then you are basically getting the same answer just different wording. You are not only putting your ideas out there, but this effect is not only limited to race. It simply helps ideas and feelings get out there in your group. The only problem that Diversity has is that, “they only show that diversity happens alongside better performance, not that is causes better performance” (How Diversity Makes Us Smarter). If you simply strive for excellence in your group, the diversity would work better to your advantage. “Diversity is not only about bringing different ideas and feelings to the table, it makes people believe that differences of point of view might exist among them, and that belief makes people change their believe” (How Diversity Makes Us Smarter). Diversity makes our everyday lives easier by feeling comfortable by letting our ideas and thoughts out there without fear of hurting your friends feelings.

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Let´s go Out

To help the two JV and Varsity teams joins together and be One Daniel. We thought that we could have one big Field day. All teams will be able to have fun we will be playing a lot games. You make think ooh JV vs Varsity when we start playing the games and pick teams, but no see the teams will be joined like the varsity baseball players will be with the JV baseball players they will be one team. The Varsity Basketball Teams will be with the JV basketball teams. That way instead of always JV vs Varsity you have whole teams coming together and bonding trying to beat the others team. Of course there will be food that way we can all have fun and grub.

Explanation of the Group were bringing together

JV and Varsity are two totally different perspective teams. JV is known as a beginner and learner group. JV is consisted of mainly freshman and few sophomores. JV has fewer games but works just as hard as Varsity. Varsity is known as an intense, trained group of people. This team develops more team building skills and has more games and tournaments. They travel a lot farther than JV ever does. These two teams never talk because we work on totally different material.


The challenges of this event is that Varsity looks at the JV as like their little brothers and sisters. The upper class probably does n´ t want to be with the lower class. The JV may seems kiddish and Varsity is better than JV and more experience. To help this challenge people need to have an open mind.


If the JV and Varsity come together so they can do plays to do together and so they can be cordial. They could also join together to meet new people and make new friends and chat together. Also so the younger players will have someone to look up to over the years .


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