Boom to Bust Visual Tyler egan

Home Life 1920s

People had the ability to buy anything they had wanted

Leisure Time 1920s

Baseball was a huge sport for people to watch in their free time.
Women didn't have to work. They would usually just cook for the family.

Home Life 1930s

Lots of unemployed people. Would have to sell household items for money.

Leisure Time 1930s

There was very little free time since every had to try to work so they can get food an clothing for the family.
Women would have to work to support families.

Economics 1920s

Stock brokers had invested lots of money into companies and became very wealthy.
Economy and stocks were booming in the 1920s

Economics 1930s

When the market crashed stockbrokers had no money to feed their own families
The stock market crashed in the 1930s and so did business.

Business Life 1920s

Business life was very successful in the 1920s

Business life 1930s

There was very little business due to the economy crash. Civilians would take any job available

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