Abortion Ashley Reyes

The Claim

How will laws dealing with abortions be impacted if a fetus is considered a person? If a fetus is a person and laws are put in place to protect them, then ultimately the number of abortions will decrease. Abortion has two sides to it. The pro-life say that a fetus is a person while the pro-choice says a fetus is not a person. The pro-life are correct in saying that a fetus is a person. Laws should be changed to protect the fetus, which will decrease the number of abortions.

The argument

A fetus is a person and should have the right to live. They're able to experience pain, which is an act that is mostly subconscious meaning they could have thoughts just like a person who is alive has daily thoughts (Bailey). The International Association of the Study of Pain defined pain as, “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage… pain is always subjective” which proves that pain is an emotional experience and therefore fetuses have thoughts and can think for themselves (Bailey). Fetuses also begin to move as soon as 7 weeks after fertilization and recent 4-D scanning studies suggest they anticipate their movements by opening their mouth before bringing their hands near their face (Jabr). These are not just fetuses, but living people with thoughts and feelings, and no one should have the right to take away their life, or their right to live. In the Holy Bible, God knows who the person is when they are conceived. For example in Jeremiah 1:5 it says, “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee” (The Holy Bible). For these reasons, a fetus should be considered as a person and therefore have to right to live.

The argument

Since a fetus is a person, there should be laws that protect them. There are many laws that do not fully protect the rights of fetuses because most people don’t consider a fetus as a person or even a human at all. If a person was to commit a murder against any other person then they would be thrown in jail and be charged with murder for taking another person’s right to live. Some laws that are in place today do not protect the life of fetuses and that should be changed. For example in Colorado, a woman attacked a pregnant lady who was 8 months pregnant, with a knife and cut the fetus out of the womb which resulted in the death of the fetus (Gurman). The woman who attacked the soon-to-be-mother was not charged with the murder for the unborn child because Colorado law stated that someone will only face charges of death of a fetus if there is evidence a baby survived apart from the mother (Gurman). If the baby was born seconds before the attack, the baby would have survived and the woman would have been charged with murder. This fetus was a person and the woman should have been charged with murder. Senate President Bill Cadman stated, “This was a child. A child was murdered. That Coloradans have no way to hold the murderer responsible, or deliver justice of the victims is a gap in Colorado’s justice system which can no longer be ignored” (Gurman). These types of laws should be changed in order to protect the fetus as a person.

The Arugment

If laws were put in place to protect the fetus as a person then the amount of abortions will decrease. In 2000, the Supreme Court ruled that Tennessee had made strict protections for abortion constitutionally (Loller). These new regulations made it harder for women to receive an abortion, which ultimately led to a decreased number of abortions. In 2012, a new law forced Tennessee’s nine abortion clinics to close and required mandatory counseling for women seeking abortion (Loller). This included a 48-hour waiting period which reduced 19% of abortions since 2000 (Loller). If more laws like these are created for each state, then the number of abortions will automatically decrease by getting women more educated about a life destroying choice. This shows laws do have a direct impact on the rate of abortion, and with strict laws the abortion rate will decrease.

Call To Action

Abortions are killing a person who does not have a chance of life beyond the womb and new laws have to be in place so more of these murders do not take place. To change the laws and make all these murders decrease please contact your senators and tell them to protect and recognize the fetus as a person.


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