Methuselah The oldest planet discovered


  • Methuselah is a blue green planet made from gasses
  • It is also very dark because the planet itself is far away from it's stars

General Composition:

  • This planet is made from gasses like hydrogen and helium making the planet a Gas Giant
  • It also contains water vapor which is why scientists believe there was once life on this planet

How it was Discovered:

  • This planet was discovered by a scientist named Donald Backer looking for change in Doppler shifts
  • The planet was discovered in 1998

Planet Location And Motion:

  • The planet is 7,200 light years away
  • Methuselah is in the constellation Scorpius
  • The planet is 23 AUs away from its star (Pulsar star)
  • 6.8117e+16 away from Earth

Age And Size:

  • This planet is 12.7 billion years old
  • Formed 1 billion years after the Big Bang
  • Methuselah is twice the age of earth
  • Methuselah is 2.5 times bigger than Jupiter and 800 times the size of Earth
  • 4.745325 × 1027 kilograms Mass
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