Love Life

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." - Proverbs 27:17

After a long deserved holiday we welcome all our students back to their Meta home. We kicked off the term with Love Life! Why do you love life, what should friend relationships look like, parent relations, siblings all in a contemporary African setting.

Diving in to day one we spoke about friendships, known as yster vriende (Iron Friends). These are the friends that are there no matter what. They hold up the mirror of truth on your life and can keep you accountable through the seasons in your life. Friends can also be divided in the spheres of friendship: friendly acquaintances, mentor friends and yster friends. Keeping these close friends near to your heart means that they have key influence in your life and that you in turn also have a deep regard for them. Friendships build the foundation of your journeys here on earth, they build us up and allows God to love us through them.

" We need to embrace the biblical truth of God to see a change in our nation" - Pastor JK

Friendships can be tough but you know what can be even harder to understand...racial boundaries. We had Pastor JK come in and speak to us about how to bridge the racial gap. In a society whee people see colour we intend to see the heart. God made us so beautifully diverse and in His heart for us we can embrace it and be the generation that changes the views about race and introduce love as a central part of our rainbow nation. In His love for us, we ave love for others can can look past the stigma of race and into the heart of the Father.

Loving Life is our ultimate and most unique way to express the love Jesus had and gave to us.
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