Bermuda By Kate, Marley, and Ceci

Bermuda is located in the North Atlantic Ocean and is 181,975 times smaller than the United States.To compare size, it is 1,160 square miles smaller than Rhode Island.

Bermuda has a total of about 34 beaches which is one of their many tourist attractions.

This is one of Bermuda's famous pink sand beaches located on the South Shore of the Horseshoe Bay Beach.

As said on Wunderground, the weather in Bermuda is almost always above 60° F but lower than 90° F. On an average day, the humidity is above 85%. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Bermuda is only about 44°F, while the highest is 93°F.

Bermuda has their own currency, called the Bermudian Dollar. A U.S. Dollar, and a Bermudian Dollar is worth the same amount.

One of the most common facts people know about Bermuda is the Bermuda Triangle. In this zone of the ocean, people are known to get lost inside of it and never come out.

This is an example of one of the fighter planes that could of gotten lost in the Bermuda Triangle. A misconception about the Bermuda Triangle is that there are "monsters" that swallow you, or eat you. However, what happens is that your compasses get turned around because of the magnetic fields.

We used a total of eight apps, including Apple notes, Wunderground, Adobe Spark Page, Safari, Camera, Photos, Evernote, and Google. Our new apps were Wunderground, Spark Page, and Evernote. We used Wunderground to look at the temperature, and humidity of Bermuda. Spark Page is the app we're using right now for this presentation, and Evernote is a quick notes app where you can create different folders. We used Safari, and Google to look up facts on Bermuda. The camera, and photos app were used to take and edit photos. Finally, we used Apple Notes to Airdrop information to each other.


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