Ottillie Patterson Jazz and blues singer

Anna Ottilie Patterson was born on the 31st of January 1932 in County Down. When Ottilie was a student she took interest in jazz and blues music and in 1954 when Ottilie was on holiday in London she met the Chris barber jazz band. A year after that she joined the band it was the start of a very successful career for Ottilie. Not long after that Ottilie had released many new singles and toured throughout Europe and America. However, Ottilie suffered with an enlarged vocal cord for some time this forced her to retire from singing. Ottilie sadly passed away on the 20th of June in 2011.

Anna Ottilie Patterson is the woman our group was given for women in the archives. We had to research her life and what she went through to fulfil her career.

Day one of the Women in the Archives project we were put into groups and we instantly made friends, we all got an introduction to filmmaking and got told what we were going to complete at the end of the week. We made a short film on the iPads and we understood how to use editing softwares such as iMovie.

On day two of our project we moved on to the research of our character and discovered some background information on her. With this information, we put it to use and created a storyboard, with this story board we planned out and put to use for the day ahead.

Day 3 we went to the Ulster Folk Museum - this is where we recorded the majority of our movie as it had some appropriate scenery.

Day 4 today we edited our short films and recorded our voice over and edited it too. We also scrapbooked.

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