Resources for Remote Learning Newfield Central School


District or Building Wide--

  • Administration will have access to School Messenger for phone messages, email messages, or both.
  • Admin and building offices will have access to the School Website to post district or building level announcements.


  • All faculty have access to their personal web page and can edit through the use of TempEdit to make general announcements or share plans. (See this tutorial if you need to refresh your memory on using Tempedit.)
  • MS students have access to email within O365. They are limited to "in domain" communication (email between people with a @newfieldschools.org address.)
  • HS students have full access to email.


As you think about how you would deliver a virtual school experience to your students, please also include the thought experiment around students and families that do NOT have devices, access to the internet, or working families that won't have a parent to support an online experience.

It will be important to create inclusive situations. Please give some thought to the following:

  • mailed paper packets (for those without digital access)
  • modifications for those students with specific needs (for either paper or digital experiences)

You will also need to prepare your own materials. If you are working from campus, then having your materials on your G: drive works. If you need to work from home (which we need to be prepared to do just in case), you will need materials on your cloud storage, Microsoft OneDrive. (See this tutorial on saving to your G: drive or to One Drive.)

Delivery of Instruction

Our simplest processes would be those that you have already done with your students. If you are an avid user of Seesaw or Nearpod or NewsELA for example, you could simply let students know by email or by posting on your webpage what tasks or lessons they should be working on (and following up with a paper mailed version for those that don't have a digital opportunity).

If you haven't used some of the online instructional pieces with students, then let's make a simplified version of steps. In Microsoft word, create a lesson that includes links to resources and a link to assessment (feedback or reflection).

Here is a sample lesson for you to see what it could look like by just making a hyperdoc (Word document with digital links) in Microsoft Word. This can easily be shared via email or via your website. With a few more clicks, File pull down menu to Transform and Transform to Web page, and your Word document is then a web page that can be shared.

Other Resources & Possibilities

Microsoft Virtual Courses


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