Shine Marco ramos

When your mind is trying to figure out a situation, what you have to do is SHINE. Let your divine spark gets through others making a change inspired by love. Read more to ignore less, that's how you develop your inner body. Have time to meditate about God, nature, situations in life. That's how you find the real answers in life that's how your shine can transmute by changing the world. Control your mind from all this hate thoughts and you'll be able to show the real aspect of your spiritual essence and transmit it to the person next to you. Learn to not take everything for granted, nevertheless understand the core of the problem so you can flow with life. Because there're things that must happen to you to understand more. Wisdom is the weapon of the peaceful ones so when you're hurt don't hateā€¦LEARN. Wisdom is a helpful hand open to save lives from errors already taken. Try to be wise and help people from the hands of Hate, Sorrow, Doubt and Fear. You can be the hand that will put them back up to the battle of life. Or you can be the traitor that could lead to a WORTHLESS WAR.

Artist, dreamer, english lover.

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