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  • accessibility for all
  • healthy for the enviornment
  • relaxation
  • and much more!

Webster Lin-Kissick, William White, and Max Voelker have been working together for many years. They all went to the same school and graduated college from the same university. They graduated from Thomas Jefferson university.

  • Webster is our chief architect
  • Max was the interior designer
  • Will was the landscape designer
ARCHITECTURE AGENTS AWARDS: Golden Architecture Medal, The Golden Building Award, and The GSA (The Golden Space Award)
This is the shrine in our space temple!

Beyond designing the 1st space temple, we designed the "Double Pyramid", the mountain side temple, and the first underwater temple!

This is our Buddhist temple.

Architecture Agents Firm

The Architecture Agents architecture firm would like to win a bid to design a structure with Mr. Guilfoyle, Associate Superintendent of Technology and Communications. To do this we took ideas from I.M. Pei. We used his Ideas by making a pyramid a the top of our temple. We also used Frank Lloyd Wright's love of nature to create our beautiful gardens and other outside decorations. Since the basic theory of architecture is function over form. We listed the functions of our temple. For example our temple has accessibility for all as a function. Each person had a different role. Webster was the chief architect and built everything. Max was the interior designer and designed the inside. Will was the landscape designer and designed the outside. In conclusion this structure is a work of art that meets both form and functionality of a Buddhist temple.

Some of the challenges that Webster faced were finding a way to keep the building sturdy while making it functional and making the temple look nice.

Some challenges Will faced were trying to make the garden look nice while making it easy to exit the building in case of emergencies (fires, floods, hurricanes etc).

Challenges Max faced were finding a way to add rooms without the building collapsing.

Thank you Mr. Guilfoyle for taken the time to listen. We hope we earned your trust, feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Created with images by cegoh - "singapore river skyline building" • Yu Kato - "untitled image" • Pablo Heimplatz - "Since a few years I work as a photographer for the MS Dockville Festival in Hamburg, Germany. I share here a few photos from that special music festival." • Simon - "thailand bangkok temple"