Dream Dont dream to big cause it can hurt iF it dosent come true. :by laura walle

Mice and men

We're ganna have a little house and a cow and some pigs and live on the fatta the lan were ganna have a garden and have rabbits in the cages and the rain in the winter and the stove and how thick the cream is on the milk you can hardly cut it

What the author tells us in this story is that you have a right to dream but there is a point were you reach to much you can think that it will come true but you never now how fast it can just disappear.

The necklace

In the necklace madame loisel dreamed of being rich and beautiful for other people to see how happy she is but her dad sold her to a poor man who tried to give her everything and did as much possible for her and still she was ungrateful

In this story the author teaches us that you have to be happy even if you are not beautiful or rich and to not care about what people think about you and you should be grateful because you have things.


In my examlpe I am using Cinderella because she wanted to go to the ball and dreamed of a better life and to find love and happiness Even though she dreamed a little doesn't mean it can't come true

The author tells us in the story that just because you have a horrible life doesn't mean you cant have a better life or happily ever after and just because people treat you wrong like in her case her stepsisters doesn't mean you should give up on your life and dreams.

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