Uglies by Scott Westerfeld By cassie carroll

This book is very adventurous. It's about a girl named shay. she lives in a society where everyone is ugly until they have the operation at 16 years old. The operation is when the government makes you become a "Pretty". it's a society where everything is decided for you. shay wants to leave it all to go to the smoke. The smoke is a place where no one has to become a pretty and where everyone fends for themselves.

scott westerfeld bio: HE was born may 5th 1963 in Dallas Texas. His favorite book as a child was charlotte's web His father was a computer programer. He has a wife and no children He worked as a factory worker, substitute teacher, textbook editor, software designer, and ghost writer.
IT takes place in the future. The main character is shay. They call her skinny because she is. she has black or brown hair, can't really tell. I think the theme of this book is don't let others tell you who you have to be. The conflict in this book is that the government is trying to get everyone pretty & shay doesn't want to be pretty so she runs away to the smoke.
Quotes : "YOu've only seen pretty faces your whole life. your parents your teachers, everyone over sixteen, but you weren't born expecting that kind of beauty in everyone, all the time. you just got programmed into thinking that anything else is ugly." This is Shay trying to explain to her friend what government is wanting her to think but she doesn't understand. this is important because it shows how peoples minds are corrupt because of the way they've always been taught.
1. Pretty- attractive 2. Wilderness- uninhabited 3.Operation- act of surgery 4. Normal- STandard 5. Ugly- unpleasant in appearance
Personally I like this book. i think that it contributes a lot to how society is now. How you're "supposed" to look, act, dress. Especially for girls. in today's society girls are looked at as a figure of beauty and if you're not beautiful you're ugly and that's just how it is. to be honest i wouldn't doubt that this book is defining our future.


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