The Lumineers in Omaha By natalie harsh

January 17th, 2017 was a remarkable day for many families across Omaha. The day began with news of a snow day and endless celebration. However, this so called snow day lacked any snow at all, which enabled everyone with tickets to The Lumineers concert to enjoy the relaxing day while also still making it out to attend the concert.

Left to right: Neyla, Wesley, Jeremiah (IndieCurrent)

People of all ages piled into the CentryLink Center; young adults, parents and children, grandparents, but a majority being teens. While anxious fans awaited the arrival of The Lumineers, people enjoyed popcorn, fries, smoothies and many other foods available. In addition, they enjoyed the opening bands which provided various new songs and styles of performance. Finally, The Lumineers came on stage to "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac, perfectly fitting to the start of an unforgettable night.

The Lumineers opened up the night with "Submarines" from their first album. (AK Photograps)

The first part of the concert was performed on the main stage, followed by a transfer to a stage in the center of the crowd where something amazing happened. Wesley Schultz, the lead singer, gave a heartfelt explanation to why he wrote the song "Charlie Boy" that he then proceeded to play. The audience was moved by the story of a member of his family that joined the army after hearing John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address. The fans responded by lighting up their phones and singing along to the song.

The Lumineers performed "Charlie Boy" and watched the crowd respond. (Left: AK Photographs)

After they returned to the main stage, The Lumineers proceeded to play many songs from their recent album, Cleopatra, which brought about dancing and fun or everyone. Song after song, the crowd became even more attached, and as the concert came to a end the encore drew near. Wesley once again shared an insider to another song called "Long Way From Home" about the battle through cancer that took his father's life. Followed by "White Lie" a song that is rarely played live, and finally ended with a crowd favorite, "Stubborn Love."

Any concert that you go to can be easily criticized based on the experience. I have only gone to a limited amount of concerts in my life but I can attest to bad experiences based on the atmosphere created by the audience. The Lumineers' fans created a wonderful atmosphere that left many people absolutely stunned. The crowd participation and attitude was definitely one to remember, and The Lumineers know exectly how to put on a fun show for people of all ages.


AK Photographs and IndieCulture

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