The Haunted Mine Tracks By GraYson Weber

Today was the last day that I’d get to go skiing in Utah. I had never been to Utah and had only learned to ski in Wisconsin, which was nothing compared to out west in Utah. My family rented a house in the mountains of Park City. It was an 80s themed house and had a game room and a hot tub, which was like a pool. Wooden beams and walls surrounded the house like a blanket. I was excited to be in Utah but sad to leave the next day.

I wanted to make the most of the day. I grabbed a bagel from the kitchen and rushed upstairs to my bedroom to get my ski clothes on. I brushed my teeth, brushed my hair and braided it. I went downstairs to get my jacket, snow pants and ski boots on. My jacket and snowpants were easy to get on but my ski boots were another thing.

“Ugg! These boots are so tight and uncomfortable,” I wailed.

I squished my foot into the boot and clicked the bindings on so me feet were snug. I pulled my snow pants over my boots, grabbed my gloves, helmets, goggles, neck gator, and was on my way out to the car. My dad, as usual, doing all of the hard work, crammed the skies into the car. My dad was the tallest being 6 foot 3 inches. He had black hair and occasionally wore glasses, but mostly contacts. Unfortunately since my sister and I were the kids, we sat squished in the back of the car. My sister had super blond hair, was 9 years old, and was fairly skinny like me.

“Mom! Hurry up. Let’s go!” I shouted eagerly.

“Coming!” she responded, walking out the door.

My dad hopped in the car and turned it on, and my mom hopped in the passenger seat buckling her seat belt. My mom had blond hair and was 5 foot 6 or 7 and had on her new light blue Obermeyer ski jacket.

“Everyone ready?” my dad questioned.

“Yes!” my sister shouted, in the back of the car.

My dad pulled out of the garage and we headed down to the base of the resort. When we finally got to the base after the long, torturous, squished, 10 minute drive, we unpacked the skies and walked to the lift. On the way we were greeted by many of the ski patrol who had the cute avalanche dogs with them for show and petting. We got to the Payday lift, popped on our skies, and got in line to ride the chairlift up.


After a long fun day of skiing and exploring the mountain, it was time to go home. Once again, we packed up the skies and crammed ourselves into the car. We said our last good-byes and started towards home. On the way home, we passed the Silver Star vacation realtor building and we passed a small mining tunnel.

“Hey mom, what’s that?” I questioned, staring at the mysterious tunnel.

“Oh cool! Everyone, look! Thats an old mining tunnel the miners used to transport silver that they used to mine here in Park City. That's why they call Park City haunted,” she informed as we all looked out at it interested to learn more.

My dad continued driving on our way home. I thought that the mining part was cool but the haunted Park City thing was kind of cheesy for a 13 year old. My mom and the rest of the family continued talking about “oh so scary Park City”. I just decided to zone out and look out the window at all of the scenery. Here and there I was snapping some cool photos of the bare rusty red mountains for photography class.

We pulled into the driveway and unbuckled our seat belts. My dad unloaded the skies and my mom lead us into the house instructing us to take off our snow gear and change clothes. One by one I took each layer off and went upstairs to change clothes. I walked into my bedroom and the fireplace was on. I recall, turning it off when I left. But maybe I just forgot, so I turned it off. I quickly changed. While changing I heard someone walk into my room.

“Who’s there?” I hollered from the bathroom.

No one answered. I finished changing and walked out of the bathroom and into my bedroom. No one was there. It could have just been my sister playing a trick on me so that I would think that Park City was actually haunted, so I just let the thought go. I walked down stairs and grabbed a quick snack. My sister, as usual came down stairs with her head phones on and knee deep into that little ipad of hers.

I perked up, “You think that you’re so funny trying to scare me don’t you,” I said.

“What?” she asked not hearing me before.

“I said, you think that you’re so funny trying to scare me don’t you,” I annoyingly repeated.

“I wasn’t the one to scare you. I mean, I’m sure I’d love and want to, but I didn’t try to scare you,” she responded more confident than usual.

I got a little worried but maybe it was just a creak in the floor. I’m sure the house was old because it was extremely 80’s themed so I just let the whole idea go away.

“My own house does that too, so it’s probably just me getting over myself,” I thought trying to calm myself down. I was just being ridiculous.

I decided that to feel better, I’ll go to my room and just sit there to prove to myself that there was nothing to worry about. I headed up towards the stairs and heard a faint song playing in my room. It sounded like a muffled speaker in water.

“What the heck?” I thought confused.

I started running up the stairs to my room. I quickly grabbed the handle and bursted the door open trying to bust whoever was there. On the bed laid my ipad playing music on the iHeartRadio app I had. The tune was right but the singer was singing the word backwards. I started feeling a little strange chill up my back.

“Park City is haunted...haunted...haunted...haunted,” I uncontrollably thought as a flashback of my mom raced through my head.

I grabbed my ipad and immediately tried turning it off. But the screen wouldn’t go black. The only other source of light that went black were the lights in the ceiling. There was no other light source except the ipad which now was slowly going dim. I raced for the door pulling the handle but it wouldn’t budge.

A strange old voice kept on saying, “You’ll never get out. You shall remain here forever.”

I tried opening the window but it was locked. All of a sudden I saw a reflection of myself in the window along with a candle. I looked down at my feet and felt someone breathing on my neck. I suddenly snached the candle and turned around punching whomever it was in the face. They hit the ground slamming their pickaxe on the floor. I looked over at them, breathing quickly. It was an old man in a miners uniform with a hat of some sort. He was covered in dust and had large wrinkles on his face.

My ipad started to turn on, this time being at the home page. I went over and grabbed it shining the light it produced into the old man’s face. He started to mumble things about mining and in part of it I heard something about a collapsed mine. His skin, along with his clothes and body, started to disappear like magic. A faint squeal came from him like a mouse would make as he became nothing. I ran to the door and tried to open it, and it opened. I raced down the stairs to find my mom and dad. I searched everywhere until I found them in their bedroom. I quickly ran towards them in a hurry.

“You’ll never guess what just happened, it was the scariest thing ever!” I exclaimed.

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