Father Daniel Leary Honoring #HeroPriests

Fr. Daniel Leary | St. Andrews the Apostle, Silver Spring MD (Currently on Mission in Mexico)

Submitted by: Cindy Zelaya

Life as we knew it in the Washington D.C. area changed one Friday in March, due to the pandemic closings. Fr. Dan Leary became the beacon of light, not only for his parish but for an entire region of Catholics. He and his army of angels brought Christ into our homes right from the start. He was at the forefront of virtual masses, reflections, outdoor 24/48 hour Adoration & frequent Confessions, he walked 3 grueling days to raised funds for charities, mobilized an army of people to help the needy. Tirelessly, each and every day he showed up. He brought Christ to us. Those are samples of the physical things he did while everyone else became paralyzed.

The spiritual work he undertook is immeasurable. He was our modern day Moses, he took his torch and showed us and his fellow priest-brothers the way to Christ through this cross. While most where in the dark, he brought us light, he inspired us through his homilies, he acknowledged our despair, and he insisted on joy and on not being afraid. Fr. Dan Leary spoke to us, lifted us up and shared in our suffering. He was Christ personified.

Fr. Dan Leary is a constant reminder that God was in control. He showed us what faith is. He preached the Word of Christ. Day in and day out, he held our hands and made it possible to acknowledge our fears and to trust in the Lord. He helped us connect with the Lord under the most stressful of circumstances. He never left us, never wavered and he never doubted. He never lost his focus which was God.

Fr. Dan Leary is one of the most faith-filled, selfless, joyful priests. He always manages to speak to your soul, no matter where you are in life. On normal circumstances, he has reflections for men, women, married, single, divorced, widowers; no segment of his parish is forgotten. During the Pandemic he took his zeal and multiplied it tenfold. He made it possible for people to connect with God in a concrete way. When you heard his homilies, or listened to his reflections, or attended his outdoor Adorations, you always found God, talking to you through him. Amazing.