Retreat Plus! Turning a New Leaf Show and Tell Exhibition

Retreat Plus! attendees are invited to participate in the Show and Tell by providing a piece of finished work that represents what ‘Turning a New Leaf’ means to them.

By using "Turning a New Leaf", we are hoping for very different interpretations, not just representations of leaves. It will be a very personal and meaningful display that will draw artists together, and provide a venue for sharing their experiences, desires, hopes, and dreams and how polymer plays a role in their lives.

The Show and Tell is not juried, but we are asking participants to submit a photo of the finished piece along with a detailed description, including the size, and a statement as to how it relates to ‘Turning a New Leaf’ to by August 1. This will enable us to prepare sufficient space ahead of time. The statement will be printed out and placed with the finished piece.

Participants must bring their finished piece to Synergy4 where it will be displayed for all attendees, both Conference and Retreat Plus!, to see at a specified time. Finished pieces should be handed to Patrice Pfeiffer or Rosana Van Horn upon arrival in the Retreat Plus! room. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer absolving the IPCA and Doubletree hotel from any loss or damage that may occur. Of course, we don’t expect problems, and will take great care of your pieces, but this is standard practice for conferences and exhibitions. We look forward to seeing how you interpret the theme.

This piece emerged from a sculpting class I took in earth clay hand building techniques.Soon after I finished the class, I became very ill and was debilitated for several months. I had no energy to complete it. It was bisque fired, but nothing else. The finished piece represents my perseverance to finish something I started and to attempt something new. (using polymer instead of glaze on ceramic) Every day I worked on it was difficult, sometimes painful, sometimes tiring. At one point, I ripped off everything I had added and started over. Inspiration came when I was playing with some Inka Gold on clay that looked like fish skin to me. When I finished, I had a moment where I felt so satisfied. I felt encouraged that I could still create something after being so ill. It would have been easy to just sit and do nothing, but I didn’t. Now, every time I look at “Enigma” I remember that this was where I renewed my love for polymer clay. Where I finished what I started, where I turned a “new leaf” in my polymer life.... Patrice Pfeiffer

An opportunity to "Turn a New Leaf" and get your work exhibited!

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Created By
Corliss Rose


thank you to Patrice Pfeiffer for her "Enigma" image.

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