3 Key Cultural Events in Ireland's History Brian o'shea

Irish Potato Famine

Lasting from roughly 1845 to 1852, the famine reduced the country's population by approximately 25%. The drought resulted in so many deaths because two-fifths of the country relied on the crop for food for its cheap price. The famine had great impact on the Irish's first major migration to the United States, and resulted in major political, demographic, & cultural changes to the country.

Signing of Anglo-Irish Treaty

Signed on December 6, 1921, it was an agreement made by the United Kingdom & the Republic of Ireland to recognize Ireland as a sovereign dominion within the British Empire. This concluded the three year Irish War of Independence, that resulted in 2,104 dead.

Same Sex Marriage Referendum

Ireland amended their constitution on November 16, 2015. The referendum now allows same sex marriage all throughout the country. Ireland became the first nation in the world to allow same-sex marriage through a popular vote, with 62% of the country voting in favor of the referendum.

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