Light's Out PEriod: 3 By: adriana, angela, & Elise

Fairlands Middle school,plain as a school can get no drills, no good cafeteria food, and of course there were bullies. Lea and Lilly were best friends, but oddly enough they were polar opposites. Lea was adored by everyone and was the principal’s daughter, while Lilly was a little standoffish and only liked by Lea. Then out of the blue“The Day” occurred, it started of as a normal day but then the lights went out during lunch, and a teacher did something horrid, an animal was on the loose,the police showed up, someone went to jail and you know who was behind all of it? Well, you will need to read the book to find out.

Everyday Life

Principal Patterson was the nicest Principal ever. We all loved her and she loved us. She was brave pretty and her daughter was my best friend… Lea

Lea had long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and was the most popular person in the world. She and I were polar opposites,I had brown hair, dark brown eyes, and nobody seemed to like me.

Ms.Turner was the rudest, scariest, and probably the oldest single woman in the galaxy. Everyone hated her and in return she hated them. Although,she has a scar on her arm and not even her closest friends dared to ask.

The puppy who was on the loose is the cutest but craziest puppy that I have ever met in my life… not to mention how he chewed everything that he saw, including walls.He was like a garbage compactor and squished everything ito his stomach.

When My Day Went Wrong

Lea and I went to investigate,the principal by our side, and Ms.Turner was the one found near the switch with scissors in her hand.

Lea and I weren’t surprised but, Principal Patterson was shocked that Ms.Turner would do such a thing.

Principal Patterson sadly called the cops while Ms.Turner was trying to explain… but when the cops came to arrest her and handcuff her, someone, no something came pouncing over to our surprise that would explain it all.

The Best Part of my Day... I Thought

Tick tock, tick tock the clock seems to taunt

This class seems to have been going forever

My head aches than… RING!!!

Finally the bell sounding like music from the heavens means we are released to lunch

Chew chew, munch munch, chitter chitter... aah the relieving sound of lunch.

My friends catching up after the three long periods of silence and learning

I lean in to join in on the gossip and chatter with my besties

“So, did you hear about the...” I could not see anyone everything was a vivid black, dark as night then… Chaos!

Middle School Lock Down, Havoc

It is total havoc in here.

Food is being thrown, people are falling, everyone is yelling, it’s still dark

Then it occurs to me

Could this be a distraction

Is someone not supposed to be here

Horrible thoughts fill my head

Then the overhead pops on with a squeak

“--Students we are now on lockdown because of dangerous things in the area.”

All the students are sprinting for classrooms searching for safety

Then...we wait

The Culprit

What is that, a rat, a mouse, just a malfunction


Randy, our electrician is called on the overhead to go inspect….

When he gets there Randy calls Mrs. Patterson

On her way with the sheriff and the assistant principal they hear footprints coming down the hallway, and they froze

The group turns and looks behind them, and there was Mrs. Turner with scissors in her hand. They all froze in shock

The sheriff soon pulled out his handcuffs.

Guilty as Charged

Why was Ms.Turner standing next to the wires I considered..

She couldn’t have cut the wire...could she?

I mean the scissors and her hate for kids didn’t mean anything...did it?

Oh my, she did it Ms.Turner cut the wires,on purpose,in the school, to torture the kids!

Was she going to do more than cut the power switch ?

Click, Click, Click We heard prancing down the hallway, we turned around and..

There was a boxer with part of a circuit in his mouth!!

K-9 Arrest

Stomp, stomp, stomp, goes the policeman, The K-9 hears and scurries out the door, Once he finds a boxer, He ran and got the leash, To lock the boxer up

The K-9 was stumped, On why the dog was in jail, once he figured it out, he started to growl, the police commanded him to calm down, so he had to obey.

The K-9 locked him up, thump there goes the cell door, the boxer whines and whines, but doesn’t get what he wants, so he lays down to dream

The Dog Bail

The dog whines, the parents worry, and the home is quiet, RING, RING, RING, went the telephone, the family races to answer the phone, parents hope it’s about the dog, sister hopes it’s her friend, and brother is hoping it’s his girlfriend

Dad pushes everyone out of the way, but no one got there in time. The family calls and calls till someone picks up, then finally “HELLO” someone answered. The family was so thrilled they finally got a hold of someone.

“So where is our puppy?” the family pondered, “Well there are many dogs here, be more specific” says the prison guard, “ruff ruff ruff you could hear in the background. “ He is a boxer, he is a puppy, and he likes to chew on things.”

“ Oh we have him, he is the one that chewed on the wires at the school and blew the electricity out.” “ Well can we come and get him, we are so sorry. We will make sure he will never get out again.” “Well I guess…”

Every Stories Happy-ish Ending

Thank goodness! That wretched dog had really done it and confessed, what a rascal!

I was so scared I would actually have to take credit for that dogs nasty actions!

Luckily, I get to keep teaching and continue to torture kids for more years- oops, did I say that out loud?

It really is unfair though, he only had to spend a few weeks when I would have stayed for a year

Besides it was only because he was cute

Well I guess I get to keep teaching anyway, wait I have to keep teaching.

Man, I could’ve stayed in jail!


The theme to our poem is that you shouldn’t assume things because most of the time you don’t know the whole story. Sometimes people just are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, you can get yourself and the other person in big trouble.Just like Principal Patterson and Ms.Turner… luckily that dog came in to save Ms.Turner!! But that won’t happen every time… they were lucky!


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