Welcome to Middle School

This is the front entrance of Benard Cambell Middle School (BCMS)
This is the art hallway.
This is the lab.
This is where you will buy your snacks and cookies.
This is cooking class. This is where you learn how to cook.
This is FACS. This is where you learn how to sew and cook.
This is the fitness center. You will go down here during PE and during a tornado warning/drill.
This is where you get your food.
This is the top floor hallway.
This is the gym where you do activities in PE.
This is the hall diisplay near the PE entrance.
This is the Language Arts exit doors.
This is the stairs next to room 214.
This is the library. This is where you check out your books and repair your chromebook.
This is the Music entrance.
This is the office view near the health room.
This is the princible office.
This is the Sewing room. This is where you are able to make your own pillow.
This is the STAD room. DON'T GO HERE! If you end up going here, this might mean that you are in trouble or causing problems.
This is the STAD hallway.
This is the TECH hallway.
This is the TECH room. This is where you are able to build robots, key, etc.
This is the award case. This is really special to the BCMS.
This is the stairs by the FACS room.
This is the fitness center entrance. You go in there to work out or if there is a Tornado Warning/Drill.

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