Nishiki Market Downtown Kyoto EAT WITH YOUR EYES #2

A wander through Kyoto’s centuries old Nishiki Market will make your eyes water with the intense feast of colour, smell and culture of all things food related.

Also known as ‘Kyoto’s Kitchen’ Nishiki has sumptuous pickings for the eyes and the belly every few metres along its covered four block length. From the beautiful mountainous displays of pickled vegetables, fresh seafood, barbecued and deep-fried temptations, sweet treats and more it’s not surprising it is a top destination for locals and tourists alike who share a passion for Japanese cuisine.

Lively stall selling deep fried finger food including battered quails egg, salt & pepper squid
A stop for Matcha ice cream
Delicate BBQ sparrow
Narazuke pickles

Nishiki is best explored at around nine in the morning before the crowds peak.

Opening hours: 9am-5pm but tends to vary for individual stalls. Some stalls are closed on Wednesdays.. Check out insidekyoto.com for maps and nearest transport information.

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Helen Kundicevic

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