Gallery Critique Writing Assignment

The object of this assignment is to write a critique of a photographic exhibition (2 pages, Times font, double-spaced in 12 pt. type, .doc or .docx Word document only). It is not necessary to include any examples of the photographers work. The exhibit can be the work of a single photographer or multiple photographers from the same museum show or private gallery.

The following items should be considered in writing your critique:

1. Identify the name of the photographer & the name of the exhibit. Where it is located and some brief biographical information on the photographer. This would constitute the introduction to your paper.

2. What is the subject matter of the photographs and describe what kind of Photography is being exhibited, e.g. Landscape, Street, Photojournalism, Architecture, etc.

3. What is your overall impression and why?

4. Describe-Critique 4 photos. You may like the series of 4 or you may dislike some but you must have an opinion and also tell why.

5. Conclusion- Your over all thoughts about the presentation, location and collection of works presented by the photographer.

This Paper is to be turned in Digitally only. Labeled with your lastname_critique and turned in through the class Canvas submit assignment tab.

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