Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH By brandon godfrey

Nature on Display:

I found the butterfly exhibit to be the most appealing to me for several reasons. This exhibit showed the cycles of life, butterflies growing up as caterpillars, then morphing into Chrysalis, and then turning into butterflies. Now, they only live for 10 days on average, yet they are able to fly and travel far distances within that small span of time. That is inspiring to me due to the fact that even with such a short life you can still accomplish so much. I would not have been able to understand this if I went out into nature because I wouldn't be able to watch a butterfly grow due to complications with tracking the butterfly.

Butterfly Life Cycle

Nature and Ethics:

This exhibit made me feel only for how life is fleeting, honestly I felt nothing else other than some mild inspiration. The others around me? They held no facial reactions to the exhibit, so I was not able to determine their expressions. The exhibit helped me connect with nature by viewing how it cycled through life and how it functioned as an ecosystem. Leopold's theory has no hold on me quite honestly. The land is something that I live on, something that can be nurtured, but do I respect it? I mean, it's land, not a person, so I feel indifferent about that.

Picture of the museum I pulled off of google due to my phone being dead

Nature and Human Spirit:

The museum did not help me step out of my ordinary life, but it made me want to keep my ordinary life. Seeing how animals lived in the wild, just by existing they seemed to be content. I know now that as long as I can do what I want to do and put in the effort for it, that will be all I'll ever need. I now understand that I do not require my life to be grandiose just for me to find the good life, all I need is to find happiness in what I do and what I shall do in the future.

Unfortunately, my phone died before my expedition, so I have no selfies to use, so I will substitute with photos of nature that I appreciate.

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