The American Dream Alicia Aparicio's Adventure

My mom, Alicia Aparicio, was born in El Transito, El Salvador. She was born in March 19, 1975.

"The United States is better when it comes to job opportunities. However, the rural places in El Salvador are a wonder."

My mom didn't receive a good education in El Salvador because of the lack in money. She wasn't even able to complete elementary in El Salvador. However, this didn't stop her from keeping a positive mind.

As my mom grew up in El Salvador, a major turning point crossed my mom's life. She became pregnant at the age of 17, with no job to support the baby.

" I needed money to support my daughter who was sick at the time. Coming to the United States was the best chance I had."

However, she later moved on to the United States in the middle of spring of the year 1996, as a single mother.

She came to the United States with the welcome of many friends and family. She began living with a friend for the first couple of months in the United States.

" What a beautiful city it was because I was never used to these big buildings."

In addition, the only thing in her mind during that time was finding a job. She needed the money in order to support for her daughter's medicine.

" I wanted to make quick money in order to support my daughter in her health and education. "

Months passed and my mother celebrated her first Christmas in Houston with many friends and family. She found a job taking care of two children, but she believed that it wasn't enough.

" I knew that it was going to be challenging because I was in a different country with a different culture. "

However, through hard work and determination, my mom was able to find a job as an employee for a sewing company. This was her first major job she had ever received.

Throughout the years, she met my dad, Domingo Encarnacion Ixcol, and had three more children. My two little brothers, Kevin and Maynor Ixcol, and my self.

As the years passed, my mom has economically improved in the United States, being able to support four children with my dad.

" Yes, because I was able to make good money in order to support my children. However, I hope my children can achieve the American Dream with higher standards. "

As of now, my brothers and I are the only ones living in the United States with my parents. My sister never wanted to come to the United States because she got married and had two children of her own.

As the years go by, many new memories are engraved in our hearts. Thanks to the American Dream, these memories have become a wonderful adventure.

" I left my daughter when she was a couple of months old because I needed the money. I do regret it because I haven't seen her since then. I've only seen her through pictures and video calls. However, I knew everything was worth it because I was able to give my children the things I was never able to have. "
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Domingo Ixcol

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