Social Cognitive

Reciprocal Determinism

Within the social cognitive perspective, reciprocal determinism focuses on the idea of behavior being influenced by interaction with others and their traits. Because I have played on so many different sports teams throughout the course of my life, I have become a team-oriented person. I like to be around others and work in groups, and I am good at communicating with other people to find a solution. I also love meeting new people and being open to others, because my different teas have proved to me that it is awesome to have so many different kinds of friends with varying personalities.


Because I am an optimistic person, I tend to see things in a positive light and I always try to look for the best in people. Although I feel as though optimism leads to a generally happier life due to higher health that is linked with it, I know that there are some downfalls to being an optimist. Like many other adolescents, I sometimes find myself thinking that nothing dramatically terrible could ever happen to me, which obviously is not the case. Even though I am not going out and doing dangerous stunts every weekend, I am sometimes blind to risks due to my optimism that everything will be okay.

Listen until at least 1:37! This song has such a positive outlook and reminds me of how important optimism is when I'm in a rough patch.


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