Exploration 1 by Courtney Rasmussen

1. Movies setting a general idea for women

Movies up until the 20th century have set a general idea that women are beautiful damsels. Most of the Disney princesses, for example, are mostly shown with pure white skin, often cleaning and singing about how they need a man to come and save them. This set up the idea of women needing to "be in the kitchen."

2. Sexism in Hollywood

Hollywood likes to portray women as sexual objects. Even when they are supposed to be the superheros, they are "sexy." Most often they are also white and dumb. But men on the other hand are always portrayed as strong and handsome and always on their feet.

3. The times are changing though!

In this year of 2017 is the first time a main black woman was portrayed on a movie poster not as a slave or a maid (Hidden Figures, above). Progressive times mean that we get good portrayals of what women are actually capable of. We can only go up from here.


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