Green Bay Packers Under standing marketing enviroment


Lambeau Field

Packers Fan Masco

The Jersey

Jerseys Throughout the Years

The Players



Brand Competitors

Vikings are the Packers Main Rivals.


Category Competitors

People could go to a twins game instead of the packers game.

Choice of going to a concert or going to the game.

Generic Competitors

Gas is a generic competitor because everyone needs to use gas to attend the game.

Beer is a generic competitor because most people who go to games will buy a drink.

Economic Factors

Local Cheese (1 lb) $3.00 for WI compared to $5.51 for NY +83.70 price increase.

Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) $7.50 for WI compared to $13.00 for NY +73.33% price increase.

Gasoline (1 gallon) $2.15 for WI compared to $2.53 for NY +17.58% price increase.


They use microphones and headsets to communicate with the players easier.


There is Protocol backed by law for concussion injuries in the NFL.


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