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CAUSE OF EVENT: The cause of this event was because nine Black Students enrolled in Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Effect of Event: Black children went to school with white children. This was in 1957, in Arkansas, in America; this was significant. Central High School in Little Rock became one of the first practical tests of the principles enshrined in Brown v. Board of Education.
Effects back then: The nine black students was turned back by the Arkansas National Gaurd when they showed up for the first day of class, governor Orval Faubus ordered them to. Under the constant pressure from President Eisenhower, governor Faubus backed down, the newly federalized National Guard was withdrawn, and the students again tried to attend Central High on September 23.
Effects of it Today: The effects that the Little Rock Nine has today is that we can go to school together and all get along. I'm happy that they did what they did because I can go to school with all different races, and get along and have fun.


Government intervention: The 1954 Supreme Court decision Brown v. Topeka made segregation in public schools illegal. Governor Faubus defied this decision. He also defied a 1955 ruling (Brown II). The 1955 decision ordered that public schools be desegregated with all deliberate speed.
Cool Facts: When the nine students arrived there were many white people yelling at them. They told them "to go away and that they didn't want them there."
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