Joann's backyard Tom McCoag

Joann grew up in The Highlands, N.L., in a family of 14 kids. These photos come from her backyard and nearby communities. The Highlands is a coastal community located south west of Stephenville

This was the breach on Bay St. George that Joann played as a kid.
It's hard to believe, but Joann and her siblings once climbed under these trees to get down to the beach.
The big house burned to the ground years ago, but this is the lot Joann's family home was located.
Jo walks down toward the beach, the road right in front of her home and the beach.
Fields and rivers were just moments from her home.
Sunset on a river near Joann's home.
The Catholic Church just a few minutes away from Joann's home. It is rarely used these days.
Butter Brook, where Joann often played as a kid.
A trail through the woods near where Joann lived.
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