Fire By The Silos By Toska


2018 | Metal

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"In order to meet your financial obligations to the state and be a profitable unit, all of your property is to be seized in order for you to pay your profitability shortfall."


  • Toska are a 3-piece metal outfit out of Brighton, UK.
  • This track is the only one on the album with any lyrical content.
  • From the band on the album: It’s set in the near future and focuses specifically on a person affected by great political and economic change, forced to lose everything. Fire By The Silos attempts to describe the psychological and emotional torment that takes.


Luke Tatum

And now for something completely different. Coming off of yesterday's track, this is a system shock. Gives me chills in the way that Half-Life 2's dystopian setting does, every time I play. The voice effects help this reminiscence significantly, bringing to mind images of masked Combine soldiers. I'd love to write more about the song specifically, but in my mind this is like listening to the entire experience of Half-Life 2. If you haven't played it, go play it. But before you go, close your eyes and listen to this song. Let it pull your spirit to hell, and then climb back up.

Sherry Voluntary

This song seems to be set in some sort of dystopian future, but with all too present themes. The story is one of animosity, anger, and bitterness created by A State that views it’s citizens as property, and a resource to be profited from. Not much difference between now and that future, insomuch as how citizens are viewed.

“I think there’s more people just like me, That are sick of being pushed around, too, So I'm gonna get some revenge, Until things start making sense again, I will take everything that they took from me, And they should be scared, Because I’ll fucking burn them” It reminds me quite a bit of the movie Falling Down. When a man is disconnected from all he loves and all of his obligations, he has no incentive to play by the rules that have been set up for him. These people who are pushed to the brink by the system that they thought was there to protect them, are the same people who will be committing some “random act of violence” and the nightly news will be asking how this happened and talking about gun control, but hardly anyone will connect it to The State. It holds all the cards and feeds the good obedient citizens what they are supposed to believe. In a week no one will even remember what happened. This is a common narrative. Ain’t it a shame and move on.

Nicky P

I stumbled on this amazing record when I was looking for new music for my podcast and was imediately blown away by it. I was super pumped for a killer instrumental record and then this song comes out of nowhere. I tried emailing the band immediately I was so blown away, but sadly never heard back. Everytime I read the lyrics I feel more and more like they are not futurist at all. They represent the other side of socialism. The minute you start blurring the lines of what property can be owned, you open that door allowing people to decide that even the stuff inside you is up for grabs. Greater good and all that. Sure it starts where that apartment is theirs, then your car, then your daughter. Perhaps I'm an alarmist but the evidence of history tells a different sstory on a long enough timetable.

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Nicky P

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