Social Responsibility at HHIS A showcase of student learning in secondary during term One

We have enjoyed a full, diverse programme of learning in secondary this term. Please sit comfortably and enjoy a snapshot of student work and experiences from August to November.

Year 10 students began the term with a two-week collaborative unit on the circular economy and sustainable development. This complimented the curriculum in both Business Studies and Global Perspectives. Students participated in a number of activities related to the topics and listened to talks by a range of speakers. The unit overlapped Enterprise Week and culminated in a Year 9 and Year 10 in-house simulation on food security.
The United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Much of the work students have done this term has been linked to the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development, a set of 17 objectives set by world leaders in 2015. These are universal objectives that aim to tackle poverty, hunger, inequality and injustices around the world by 2030. It all began with The World's Largest Lesson...

Inspired by the Year 10 students, Year 7 and 8 created a set of thoughtful pieces of photojournalism to raise awareness of problems in Hua Hin and the surrounding area. Here is a selection of their work:

Responsible Consumption and Production

Plastic waste is one of the biggest problems in the planet. Every second 160,000 plastic bags are being used globally. That means about 5 trillion plastic bags are being produced every year. If you were to tie them all together, they would encircle the world 7 times. If that is not shocking enough then, the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” in the Pacific Ocean is twice the size of Texas!

We are seriously, permanently damaging our own planet! The easiest solution is to use reusable bags to go shopping or even to sell things. That way we can reduce the plastic waste.

Aim (Y8)

Plastic in the ocean

Here in this image we have a beautiful sunset, or is it. Actually on this beach there are over 100 pieces of plastic that could kill anything that consumes or gets trapped in them. It could stop turtles from getting into water and they will all die.

And guess what, it all eventually ends up in your body. Yes, as the fish eat it, you then eat the fish, then the microplastics get into your system and you will get poisoned. If we keep this up we won’t have any fish left on planet earth. 700 marine species might go extinct due to ocean pollution.

Oliver (Y7)


All around the globe there are people with different ranges of money. Many people can’t go to school or get the right education and some earn small amounts of money. 80 percent of the world lives on $10 a day. Almost half of the world is hanging over the edge of crisis and has to work all day.

People who don’t want things that can still be used: don’t throw it away, give it to charity. Just think of the smiles that will touch your soul by doing that little deed.

Fiona (Y8)

Stranded, Starving Dogs in Need

There are so many dogs that don’t have homes and are either living in the wild, or in dog shelters. Many of them don’t have food or clean water. But every animal should be able to live a good life with everything they need. You can help by giving food, toys or even beds to dog shelters, or even better, adopt a dog! We are animals too, and if we have so much privilege, others animals should have it too. In Thailand there are approximately 8.5 million dogs, 730,000 of which have been abandoned by their owners. And in Bangkok alone there are about 300,000 street dogs.

Faby (Y7)

Trash on the beach

This is a picture of garbage on the beach. I took this picture on Hua Hin beach. There were lots of trash on the beach. The problem is that when we throw trash on the beach the fish will eat it and a lot of sea animals will die. The human race has already caused 322 animal species to become extinct in the past 500 years. If we keep doing what we do, all animals will die.

Annie (Y8)

Model United Nations

On Sunday 7th October our pioneering students took part in the very first MUN event for HHIS. Gianna, Amy, Lieve, Jessica, Edward, Theo and Robert of year 10 embodied all of our I-Values as they worked together with other students from schools across Thailand. They researched viewpoints from different countries and shared these at the 26th Annual Bangkok MUN Conference, hosted by NIST International School. The event included lots of debate and our students grew in confidence as the day progressed.
On Friday 12th October, our Year 10 students were interviewed live on Surf FM, a local English-language radio station to describe their efforts to promote the Sustainable Development Global Goals and inspire action. To listen to the interviews, please follow the link below:

On Thursday 25th October, Year 7 and Year 8 students continued their excellent work on the UN Global Goals and the World's Largest Lesson, by launching the topic with our upper primary classes. Year 3-6 students were arranged into groups and allocated countries to represent. Their task was to visit different activity stations and complete challenges created by Year 7 and 8 students, to tackle global problems and save their citizens.

The activities designed by our secondary students were exceptional and showed real innovation. They included:

- Removing strips of plastic from water with tweezers to represent the difficulties cleaning up our oceans.

- Racing to fill three cups with water in a time limit. If not enough water was collected, students had to choose which cup to fill: 'drinking water for humans', 'drinking water for livestock' or 'water for cleaning'.

- Creating functional Lego bridges given a limited number of resources ('lego blocks') to highlight the problems connected to finite resources.

All our students from Year 3 to Year 8 were engaged, creative and inspired to solve the problems before them.

On 3rd-4th November, Year 10 students continued their engagement with the world's problems at the Youths for SDGs Conference at Wells International School, Bangkok. The conference was linked to the UN Global Goals and our students collaborated with students from across Thailand to discuss international issues, raise awareness on sustainable development goals, and come up with innovative solutions to ongoing problems. It was a fantastic opportunity for our IGCSE students; they all worked very well and had an enjoyable experience.

Well done to Amy, Gianna, Lieve, Jessica, Narcissa, Robert, Theo, Christophe and Edward.

17 Goals to Transform our World

by Christophe, Year 10

People can change the world by showing what they believe in. Everywhere in the world people are trying to make us live in a better environment. They are trying to create some charity and some conference for make people understand why we need to help the planet.

On November 3rd some students from Hua Hin international school went on a trip to Bangkok to attend a conference about sustainable development goals (SDGs).

This conference was created by Prima Pupornchai and managed by university students and sixth-form helpers from Wells International School. The people have been work really hard for 2 years to try to make small changes in the world.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals build on the Millennium Development, set by the United Nations back in 2000 to eradicate poverty, hunger, illiteracy and disease, The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. They are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015.

Most of the students who went to the conference wanted to learn a couple things about the world and the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). We did 3 great activities about SDGs, after those activities we thought about it but we learned many goals and plastic waste in the world. It really helped us to understand that we should do the effort for convince people to stop using single plastic bags.

As a follow-up to their learning on the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development, Year 7 and Year 8 students created a series of radio promotions to raise awareness in the local community. These were scripted by students and professionally recorded, before being played daily on Surf FM over November and December. The recordings can be heard by following the link below:

Year 9 Fundraising Efforts

During Term 1, Year 9 students designed and implemented a number of fundraising activities to generate funds for the Jungle Aid Foundation, a local charity helping remote communities in Thailand. Students organised a non-uniform day and a pineapple juice stall within school. On Saturday 24th November, Year 9 students then enjoyed a wonderful experience with the Jungle Aid Foundation in Pala-U. Each of our volunteers left their comfort zone behind and fully participated with the Jungle Aid team, helping to make a real difference to the villagers of Pala-U. Students helped to clear the village of leaves and rubbish, translated and took notes in the medical clinic, helped run a football coaching workshop, led educational activities and played with the village children. At the end of the day, students handed out supplies, which were bought at Market Village on Friday from the proceeds of their own fundraising efforts.

I really enjoyed this opportunity because we got to volunteer to work and teach not only children but also a few adults. I helped with the education and the medical clinic. The part when I was teaching the children was very inspiring and fun to watch because the children were so motivated by what we taught them they kept trying to do it correctly. I also really enjoyed and had fun with the volunteering in the medical clinic because, the chance we had to care for adults/children was amazing.
Jessica (Y9)
Y9 Volunteers with the Pala-U Noi Community

In addition to these efforts, Year 9 students have also been preparing a recycling-themed fashion show to raise money for 4Ocean, a charity committed to cleaning up the seas...

The Fantastically Fabulous Fashion Show

by Josephine (Y9)

Year 9 ‘upcycled fashion’ collections will be presented in front of the canteen on Monday 3rd December from 9:30 to 10:15.

This term, our school has been focusing on plastic usage, the damages caused by it and how we can assist to reduce the amount of plastic being wasted. In art class, Year 9 students have been using plastic to create a fashion line collection. We have decided to make our collections purely out of plastic due to the massive amount of pollution we have all produced.

Tickets are currently being sold at the front gate from 8:00-8:25 in the morning and 15:35-16:25 in the afternoon. Students, teachers and staff are not required to purchase tickets, however family or friends (not a member of HHIS) are. One ticket costs 40 baht and they will need to be shown at the front gate, otherwise you will be unable to enter. If you have forgotten to buy a ticket, don’t worry! Tickets will also be available on December 3rd. During the show, we would be particularly grateful for any donations made.

Before the show, their will be two performances by the Jazz ECA (Jazz Eca is held each Tuesday for students from years 3-10): one by the younger group and the other by the older group. Their costumes are going to be green to show how they were inspired by the ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ theme.

We have come up with the conclusion to donate all the money we have raised from this event to the 4Ocean charity. The 4Ocean charity cleans out plastic pollution from the ocean and turns the plastic they have collected into beads for their bracelets. These bracelets are then sold and the money this charity receives goes to funding the ocean cleanups. If you are interested in seeing the outfits Year 9 have created or want to help save sea life, seabirds, polar bears and this planet, please come and watch our fashion show.

Year 10 students visited The Family Tree and Social Salad on Monday 26th November, where they were able to learn about fair trade and sustainable business practice. It was an inspiring talk given by Peter and Dtor, with students learning first hand that good business starts with good people. The visit also involved some delicious food and we thank our hosts again for extending such a warm welcome to us.

Social responsibility at HHIS will not stop at the end of Term 1. Year 10 have already embarked on a Global Social Leaders (GSL) journey. The GSL Global Goals Competition is an international competition run by Future Foundations in partnership with the Wellington Leadership Institute and the Council of British International Schools. During Term 1, Year 10 Global Perspectives students planned two simultaneous projects to deliver to the Karen refugees living in the Pala-U Noi Community, Prachuap Kiri-Khan Province. Students designed a set of hand-washing stations, made from recyclable plastic bottles, and a waste disposal system for use within the community. In Term 2, students will create a social media campaign, secure funding from local businesses and conduct research within the community, before implementing their project in the village and evaluating its success. In addition, Year 7 and 8 students will tackle the Snack Attack Challenge, focusing on fair trade and globalisation, and Year 9 students will start working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Awards. It promises to be an exciting start to 2019.

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