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Make your own mask!

Along with protection, masks are worn for performance, entertainment, disguise, concealment, or protection. They have been around since ancient times and have been used in ceremony, storytelling, and dramatic enactment. Create a cardboard mask to show the world your imagination, spirit, and creativity.

Write a Poem to Your Artistic Muse

Is there a person, place or thing that inspires you? Write to or about them. Show us how they have influenced your life and or art through telling words. Describe the person, place or thing in as much detail as possible. You can write a letter, make a list of attributes, create a wish list of all the things you wish you said. It is your poem so construct it in anyway that you like.

Create your own Ballad Iambic Tetrameter Rhyme Scheme

The core structure for a ballad is a quatrain, written in either abcb or abab rhyme schemes. The first and third lines are iambic tetrameter, with four beats per line; the second and fourth lines are in trimeter, with three beats per line.

Dancing to a Space

Choose an area of your home where you can move freely and get to know it in a whole new way. Start by pointing one hand or foot toward the corner of your chosen space, then continue tracing the outline of key objects, letting the rest of your body join in as you feel comfortable. You could outline the silhouette of a table with your right foot then step on to it as you gently sweep your left foot around the outline of a nearby rug. You could even get creative and use your head or torso to “trace” the outline of lamps or desks computers! Just keep the movements slow and smooth as you truly pay attention to the objects and shapes that surround you everyday!

Dance Grounding with the Earth

How many ways can you touch the ground beneath you? Choose an outdoor area where you can move freely, and consider playing peaceful or uplifting background music while you explore the idea of “grounding.” Traditionally, people do this by standing or walking barefoot so they can feel the dirt, grass, bumps, hills, etc. But as a dancer, you could gently flow between standing, kneeling on one knee, touching with one hand, rocking to the other knee, touching with the other hand, laying onto one side, swinging one leg along the ground, rolling onto that leg, moving on to the stomach, maybe even army crawling, then rolling onto your back again before pulling your knees up to your chest and slowly rocking back and forth while the earth gently massages you from below.

Micro or Macro Appreciation of Photography

Whether with a or a cell phone camera, see how many interesting TINY views you can capture and how many GIANT views you can capture in a set amount of time. How much detail can you capture in a single rock at the end of the parking lot? Or in a slice of bread? Or in a pattern on your pet’s fur coat? How much space can you contain in a single shot of the open sky? Or looking up into a large tree? Or across an empty baseball field? There’s a lot more to appreciate than might meet the eye!

Sing Kye Kye Kule

This is a vocal warm up as well as a physical ""Kye Kye Kule"" pronounced, ""chay chay kool-lay"", is sung in many countries in Africa and all over the world.

It is a call-and-response song with actions. The leader sings a line and then the group repeats it. All lines are chanted, while performing actions to the beat. There is no exact way to translate this song.

Life Through Different Lenses

Choose a favorite photo to remake in your favorite editing program. Then try to adjust it to show how other people (or animals) might have experienced that same scene! Tilt the angle as if you were a small child looking up at the view. Apply a water effect as if you were seeing that image at the bottom of a pond. Darken it as if it were being seen during the blue hour. Blur it as if it were being viewed by someone without their glasses on. Sharpen it and zoom in as if it were being viewed by a scientist under a microscope. The world can be experienced in so many ways!

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Created with images by Hans - "artwork art image" • Larry Costales - "Olvera Street, a historic monument in the oldest part of Los Angeles. My wife is a librarian and had a big business meeting near Olvera street. Since I had hours to kill as I waited for my wife I walked this famous and historic street. I found these very colorful wresting masks displayed high up at one of the many vendor booths. I think it would make a great background. The title is a tribute to: Mil Máscaras (born Aaron Rodríguez Arellano, July 15, 1942) is a Mexican luchador.. Máscaras is one of the original “Big Three” of the lucha libre tradition in Mexico" • 1278956 - "origami crane japan" • Carola68 - "poetry album poetry album" • Jana Sabeth - "sound" • Danielle Cerullo - "untitled image" • Olivia Bauso - "Rooftop dance photography session in Rochester, NY." • Marco Xu - "untitled image" • Annie Spratt - "untitled image" • finelightarts - "child girl young"