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New Orleans is known for its unique Creole culture, rooted in its blend of Spanish, French, and American traditions. The city of New Orleans is famous for its vibrant, colorful lifestyle and southern charm. It is a city of artists and musicians; a blend of uniquely modern and tastefully historic. New Orleans is the perfect location for someone who is looking to settle down and enjoy life to the fullest, without all the bustle and stress of urban city life. The area is expansive enough to explore for weeks on end, and there is always something new to try. Festivals occur year round, celebrating all interests and cultures, and are friendly for all ages. The food is complimented by beautiful settings, designed by some of the most creative people in America.

History embraces the city in every corner. The National Register lists twenty districts of New Orleans as historical landmarks. Each of these districts has an array of buildings and statues from different time periods. Restaurants, homes, and even graveyards reflect inspiration from cultures across the globe. An especially nostalgic area of the city is the French Quarter, one of the oldest, most classicly designed streets in the south. Known by the local Creoles (a French minority) as the Vieux Carrè, it is the city's own time machine back to the founding of New Orleans in 1708.

St. Louis Cathedral is one of many examples of historical architecture in the heart of Vieux Carrè.

New Orleans is one of the most famous food capitols of the south, heavily centered on fresh, local seafood and organic produce. Local farmers' markets are the staple of the city's economy, dating back to the founding of the city by the French settlers in 1718. The markets are a cheap way to find unique ingredients and spices that transform simple foods into New Orleans delicacies, and an easy way to meet locals and make friends. The city is also bustling with famous restaurants of all cultures, both gourmet and home-style. Above all, however, New Orleans is famous for its French cafes, especially the Cafè du Monde, serving exquisite French coffee such as the Cafè au Lait for a over 200 years. The blend of African, French, Latino, and several other cultures have come together to produce delicacies that can't be found anywhere else in America.

It is impossible to talk about New Orleans without highlighting the jubilant lifestyle of the people.

New Orleans hosts festivals, carnivals, and concerts from January to December, celebrating all the diversity and happiness that life has to offer. Celebrations embrace all forms of music styles, holidays, cultures, sexualities, genders, and minorities through colorful parades and other events. New Orleans is a blend of cultures from all over the world, crowded into an old-fashioned southern setting.

A large crowd entetring the Prytania Theatre - the oldest single-screen theatre still operating in New Orleans - for the New Olreans Film Festival
A poster for last year's Faux Real Theatre Festival
Women parading in the Sourthern Decadence LGBT Festival
An advertisement for this year's Jazz and Heritage Festival
A Native American woman of the Shinning tribe dressed for parading
“A part of New Orleans’ beauty is that she is a place where many people, stifled elsewhere, feel safe to be themselves: just safe to be. Whether or not we agree with their politics, life choices, or diets, they are “their business.” ” – Quo Vadis Gex Breaux, New Orleans What Can’t Be Lost, 2010

The citizens' celebratory lifestyle would be meaningless without the beautiful music and art to celebrate with. New Orleans is home to some of the most famous jazz and blues musicians of all time, including Sydney Bishay, Louis Armstrong, and more recent artists such as Harry Connick Jr and even Lil Wayne. Music is performed life in almost every corner of the city from sunup till sundown, including jazz, r&b, opera, and classical.

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