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May 4th 2017- Hello, my name is Cyrus Richer and I am 15 and live in South Carolina in the United States. My family receives about $36000 in salary. We live in small town that not many people have heard. I have a girlfriend named Alley who I love with all my heart and I have an iPhone 6, an LG G3, and a computer. I have 2 other brothers that live with me and a sister, with a working dad and a stay at home mom. She's my step-mom. My life is usually good. I go to a small school and my best friend, Presleigh is like a sister to me. Every other weekend i go to see my real mom and I get to see my other 2 brothers and sometimes my sister until she moved out. I miss her a lot and wished i had spent more time with her before she moved out. I am a Freshmen in High School and I am about to graduate to become a Sophomore.

May 5th 2017- I'm going to my mom's house today to stay for the weekend so i won't be able to update. I hope i get to see my girlfriend, Alley. We usually go skating to where i can see her. I miss her so much, but I will see all of you guys either Sunday or Monday if you look at this but i might go jet skiing and even be on Instagram and now i cant wait to talk to y'all again. I hope someone is viewing this page but if no this can be a re-account of my personal memories. See ya later!

Oh Yeah an Thank God It's Friday.

I need to say something. Something i can only say on here. My girlfriend is... well i have to avoid drama is what my mom told me when i went to go hang out with my gf. Well her and her best friend, Ava were about to fight and so i said i was just going to go skate with my favorite brother, John. Well, they never did fight but Ava told me something that Alley did and now i don't know what to say to it. Oh well, is what is said to them because i don't want to start drama. Now, i told my gf that i was taking a break from the world and slowly recovering from what's been going on in the past few months. I said i had cheated on her with a girl named Gabby, which i know is a stupid mistake and i regret it but technically we were just talking. And just like everybody else she started calling me a fag afterwards, and it really hurt. I only want to see her happy. Then a girl named Tiffany, says she likes me and so i decide to go out with her. I've decided to tell you all this because you need to know what happened before you judge me or them because technically we were all in the wrong. nobody's perfect so i know i am not. Once i said yes to Tiffany around 3 days later then Alley was shocked i moved on so quickly. So i talked to Alley and i told her i think i want her back. But, in all honesty, i didn't really want her back. So Tiffany broke up with me because she thought i was cheating on her with my sister, Sky and Gabby when really i "cheated" on her with Alley. Tbh, the only thing i did was tell Alley i think she's my soulmate. Now i think i'm done. That's the whole story. Now that you know all this i can FINALLY take a break from this. I will see you guys soon and i just need a break so i told Alley that i would talk to her later and i just needed to be alone right now. Thank you guys, and i'll talk to y'all soon.

Hey everyone, i know it has been a while but i have had a lot of things that has changed. I am now going out with Sky and now we have been in a relationship for about a week. I am currently happy but it's me and her against the world. I'm actually happy. Yesterday we went to my aunts and we had a fun day and now i am home. TTYL guys.

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