Global Warming By: Claire Tan

When have you actually thought about making a change to the world? Have you? Probably not. Global Warming is a global issue that we need to change. Humans are the main contributors. Humans use transportation every day. Buses, taxis and trains. These are all types of transportation. If you have a car, think about it. How many times do you go in the car every day? Your answer is probably ranging from 3-10 times. That is enough. The fuel coming out of the car affects everyone. This is the main problem coming out of Global Warming. Burning Fossil Fuels. It is very dangerous... We need to save the world somehow. Let's try to make a difference right now. Animals help us and everyone needs them every second, every minute, every hour, every day. Without them, humans wouldn't be able to survive. That are so many more problems to fix on global warming so better start helping in stopping that. GLOBAL WARMING is our enemy. Humans are its victims.

What is Global Warming?

Global Warming is a very long process. Firstly, the Earth’s atmosphere allows the sun’s rays to warm the surface of the earth. Much of this heat is then radiated back into space. However, the buildup of Co2 and other Greenhouse Gases creates a shield or barrier in the Earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, the sun’s heat is allowed to enter. The problem is that the Greenhouse Gases prevents much of the heat from escaping the atmosphere. Consequently, this heat is trapped. The result is that this heat slowly builds, creating the phenomenon known as Global Warming.

Apart from this process, Global Warming is when Earth's surface and heat combine together. After this happens, it pollutes the air. When the air is polluted, that is when all the problems come into hand. Scientists have found that Earth's average heat temperature have risen over the years by 3%. This is a lot. This is very important because Global Warming is causing Earth's temperature to rise and get hotter and hotter. If Global Warming keeps going on, Earth's temperature is going to be uncontrolled which is very bad.

Global Warming can come in many different ways. This is a global issue now and we got to change it as fast as we can otherwise you don't know what could happen to you. Don't wait until that happens. Humans should have controlled Global Warming right from the beginning. Before global warming was even here, humanswere in a better form. There were not as many global problems that we have now. When different things happen, it just ruins our earth that we live on . We need the earth. Though, it depends on us.

Global Warming is caused because of the gas from transportation that we use to go on like cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Global Warming is caused because of pollution. Lots of things are being polluted in the air. Some types of global warming are pollution, oil spills, littering. Though, the three main pollutions are air pollution, water pollution, and lastly soil pollution.

Air pollution is when the air gets polluted with gas from transportation like cars.

Water pollution is when the water gets polluted with oil and all sorts of things which affects the living creatures in the water/sea/ocean.

Soil pollution is when the soil gets polluted with chemicals and different types of things that are very bad for the soil. There are so many different types of global warming. It is uncountable to list all them out but these are the main big issues on global warming.

What are the causes and effects of Global Warming?

The causes and effects of global warming are terrible. One main cause of global warming is burning fossil fuels. This is formed from transportation. If burning fossil fuels wasn't a big part of global warming, we would have been using fuels everyday. As a result, Earth's is being destroyed by Global Warming.

According to CNN, BBC, and Washington Post, these are the three quotes that have been put out recently. "Washington Post: New York and Miami drown under 3 meters of water. CNN: "200 million face starvation as record drought hits Central Africa." BBC: " Massive dust storm enveloped Beijing. 15 million residents flee the capital If you think this is science fiction, think again. These nightmare scenarios will become a reality in our lifetimes. The cause, Global Warming." From these quotes, you can tell that Global Warming is a very big issue and it is happening in many places in the world and people do have to do big sacrifices just because of global warming. Let's care about the world more and think about people who do actually suffer from Global Warming and how we have affected them so badly.

The biggest cause of global warming is the greehouse gas, carbon dioxide. This is what we breathe in everyday. Air. But, bad air. Effects on global warming is that sea level has risen by over an inch over the last decade. Less solar energy has been geting onto Earth. If you didn't know, 2016 is the hoteest year ever in history. Why? This is because of climate change in the air. The choices we make is always very important. Think before action.

Has anyone actually tried to stop Global Warming and how do you try to stop Global Warming?

According to James Hansen, he stated " Global Warming isn't a prediction. It is real." Global Warming is not just a little issue in the world right now. It is a big deal. The positive side is that people actually try to make a difference to the world and help global warming from spreading. Global Warming is like a disease. Things get spread around the world like pollution and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

Adding on to that, when you go to the supermarket, bring your own bag so less plastic is given and that the animals living in the ocean won't have to suffer. Lots of ways could help save the world like saving energy around the house, using flourescent light bulbs, and even driving less miles in the car per week. These simple changes will change the impact of global warming and it wouldn't affect us as much as it does right now.

People try to stop global warming but because of all the problems getting worse and worse, it is uncontrollable and problems just stay the same. Though, there are many things that people do to try to stop global warming. Thank them.

How did Global Warming start?

Lots of people think differently. Some people say that global warming started 100 years ago. Some people say 8000 years ago. Though, this is the right definition. During the 1950s, the scientists could feel that the temperature was rising a lot. In the 1980s, that is when the scientists could see that the temperature was rising by a lot and everywhere was polluted like in the ocean, and air. Then, that started becoming a huge problem.

In the 18s and the 19s century, that is the time when the greenhouse gases was released in the atmosphere and then the problems started coming in. There wasn't any global warming in the olden days because we never had cars or any type of transportation that burned fossil fuels. But, now, since there are cars, buses,they burn fuel which affects us a lot. Once global warming started, it was like a cycle. It just kept going on and on. It never stops unless the world can try to change and make a difference.

Earth's heat cycle is natural. It comes and goes. But, since people have been putting more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere like methane, Earth's second most common greehouse gas. Heat gets trapped up in the air and then that is how Global Warming started. As years passed by, Global Warming hasn't gotten any better. It has just gone worse because of you.

Make a change to the world. Global Warming is a horrible thing so try helping it. Think about the world. Humans are dying. The world is falling apart because of you. Global Warming would only reduce if you think about your actions and the consequences you are making to the rest of the world. Be more aware of your surroundings and stop Global Warming now. Care for our world. Everyone needs you.



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