Destruction of the Creation DYLAN WANG


In this dystopia the character (Me) is currently living in, it takes place in during a very technology advanced time period. Kane discovers a magical artifact in the basement which has been passed down by generations from his family. The artifact is a musical instrument, composed of 8x8 grid, 64 buttons on the pad.

The start of the trailer dwells into Kane's past, and the creation of the launchpad. Its original intention is to create a better world fulfilling the needs for the poor. A salvation for humankind. His family is a very wealthy, with almost everyone being able to perform an instrument. The only one who could not but also gain access using this ancient artifact is Kane.

When Kane tries to use this ancient artifact, he realizes he is able to create anything he can possibly think of by pressing the "Launchpad" in certain patterns. Eventually the power of ideas surges through his mind as he plans to remove the bad from the dystopia he lives in. After a period of time, the world is destroyed, and Kane falls into despair.


Kane: The main protagonist of the film, he discovers the "Launchpad" and eventually possessed by its power and destroys the world


Family: The mom and the dad abandoned and left the factory years ago. The only people left in Jimmy's family are Bob and Jerry.

Bob: the oldest of the brotherhood, have experience with technology development.

Jerry: majors in computer science, the creator of the "Launchpad"



Created with images by SD-Pictures - "industry sunrise sky" • MIH83 - "keyboard keys music" • wilhei - "electricity voltage light" • Matthew Gain - "Technology" • cocoparisienne - "piano keyboard keys" • SD-Pictures - "industry sunrise sky" • Hans - "flash tesla coil experiment" • copyriot - "destruct_04" • copyriot - "destruct_01" • Massimo Margagnoni - "The create." • Viv Caruna - "Symmetry"

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