Samuel De Champlain By Averi haertel

Samuel De Champlain is very important today for example he is the founder of many different things in our country. He also helps out some people and he is a very polite man to all people including the Native Americans he actually had different alliances with a couple tribes and he fought with the Iroquois he was a interesting man. You will learn about very different things in this mysterious person. You will have fun with this man!

New France

Samuel De Champlain was a great not only sailor but he was a great explorer too. Samuel De Champlain sailed for France. Why he did this was because he mostly grew up in France plus he was doing it for King Henry the fourth. I know that he sailed for France because the french wanted him to look for things. For example which I will get to later Samuel De Champlain found the two french colonies and more.

Samuel De Champlain like I said a great explorer and a great sailor well i have proof he was a great sailor I know that he is because he wanted to find more of the Canada. He sailed the Lawrence river to try to find it.

Lake Huron
Lake Ontario

Samuel De Champlain discovered a few things for example in the beginning I said that Samuel De Champlain was a great explorer well this is how I know Samuel found the great lakes if you do not know what some of them are named I will give you some there is Lake Ontario another one is Lake Huron those are couple of names but he did not just found the great lakes he also found the first two french colonies and claimed them to france King Henry the fourth was so impressed.

Native Americans

Samuel De Champlain was a polite man for example when he met with the Native Americans he had many alliances another way to say he had many alliances is he helped the side he helped fight the Iroquois. Many of people helped Samuel for example they helped him get food. Samuel De Champlain went on a lot of boat trips with the Native like when they went to get food he would want to help them because he was generous.

Samuel De Champlain Statue

People need to know that the explorers for example Samuel De Champlain was a great explorer that is why he is important today because he discovered a lot of important things that are in our country and a lot of them are founded by Samuel De Champlain all the explorers are important today including Samuel De Champlain.


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