GM FOODS-YADIEL Gm food has some CHemicals and that is not good for people

GM FOODS are sometimes kind of bad because it has CHEMICALS

Genetically modified foods can lead to sickness or even worse death.

Genetically modified food can lead to good changes and bad changes

I won't eat that if our you
That is a Apple that would look like if people genetically modify it
Genetically modified food is does a tactic for farmers to get more food but actually ruins the food and it makes it more disgusting and it well it makes it into a different fruit instead look at this banana would you eat that
I think that's a potato with cheese this is what they're doing to their food this is bad for people
There's good things and bad things about genetically modified food you can see the difference about both of them you can like it or you can hate it.
Genetically modified foods can lead to good changes and bad changes.


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