Baylis Court School Newsletter Friday 12th june 2020

Dear Parents/Carers and Students

I hope you and your families are safe and well.

After consultation with students, parents and staff, we have decided to give some in-school provision to complement our online ‘Teams’ provision, compliant with the Government guidance. After completing a thorough risk assessment, a number of key safety measures have been put in place. The current Government guidance says that we must focus on Years 10 and 12 and cannot invite more than 25% of those year groups into school at a time.

Year 10

Year 10 Head of Learning, Ms Goswell, is contacting students and checking on their pastoral needs. She is offering a meeting in school, if necessary. We are also offering the opportunity for some face-to-face learning in school, before the end of term. Those students who are happy to come in will be notified of the day and time shortly.

Year 12

Even with the easing of lockdown, homes can be hectic places to find a quiet space to study, so Mr Brown, Head of Sixth Form, is offering Year 12 students the opportunity to come into school to study. Mr Brown will be sending information to parents and students for next week.

Year 7

Wednesday 17th June will be the second Year 7 Parents Consultation Day. If you have not received a notification by Tuesday 16th June, then please contact our office for further information.

Nelson Mandela once said, ‘Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world’, with that in mind, if your child has any problems accessing the education that we are providing, please contact your child’s Head of Learning.

I hope you have a happy and safe weekend.

Ray Hinds


Parent Consultation Days

Year 7 Wednesday 17 June

Year 10 Thursday 25 June and Tuesday 30 June

Year 9 Tuesday 7 July and Wednesday 15th July

Each parent consultation day will be held between 8.30- 15.15.


Jasmine Clottey Y8. Still life drawing inspired by Yayoi Kasama, an artist obsessed with dots and patterns. The artists’ work has been exhibited at the Tate Modern Gallery in London. https://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/exhibition/yayoi-kusama-infinity-mirror-rooms


Urooj Ali

Pencil tone study.

Spanish Food Project

A big well done to two students who have gone above and beyond for their cultural research project around a meal from the Spanish-speaking world. Not only did they research the recipes, they actually tried their hand at making said meal and documented the process. Raniyah Shah (Year 8) made some delicious spicy “patatas bravas”, and Safaa Ahmed (Year 7) made some sweet “churros con chocolate”. Two of the best Spanish snacks!

Memorial Garden Update

We are raising money and/or donations of equipment and plants, or even some of your time, to complete our garden and make it a beautiful place. We want to plant up a sensory garden, recreate the fountain and pond area and maintain the furniture.

We are looking for donations of bedding plants, herb plants, top soil/compost, shingle, weed mats, garden accessories and furniture, gardening tools, wood stain and varnish, wood treatment like Cuprinol, path edging...anything to make our garden a success. Also, any snacks or treats to keep our volunteer workforce going would be greatly appreciated!

We would love to keep going and raise as much money as we can to make the area even more beautiful and maybe get some new garden furniture for the area to make it a lovely place to sit and reflect, so any further contributions would be greatly appreciated.


Any money we are donated and do not use, we will donate to the NHS and our local hospices, who have supported others in their illnesses and looked after our loved ones in their final hours.

Thank you Mr Mackinstosh for creating another wonderful slideshow with many suggestions for heath and fitness at home.

Click here to open the whole slideshow

Keeping active is a very important part of your physical and mental wellbeing and we hope you enjoy some of these fun activities with your family.

Dear parents/carers,

In collaboration with researchers at the University of Oxford, our school has signed up to take part in the ‘Online Pupil Survey - Home Edition’, which aims to monitor the well-being of school pupils during lockdown and to assess the impact of COVID-19 on mental wellbeing and learning.

Please read through the information letter (PDF) for parents, there is more information about the survey on the research team's webpage, including Frequently Asked Questions https://www.psych.ox.ac.uk/research/schoolmentalhealth

Please email kwa@bayliscourt.slough.sch.uk if you do NOT want your child to take part in the survey by Monday 15th June.

Kind regards,

Ms N Chauhan

Well done to Rinoa and Sheeza for designing these new Olympic kits for PE!

Well done everyone that took part, don’t forget to take part in next weeks Tutor time Cultural Enrichment task!

Mrs Coulson


Well done to Farah Javed Year 10 who reviewed the book 'The Maze Runner'

The Maze Runner is an interesting book that is full of action and mystery with plenty of fantasy characters and creatures. It engages the reader through reading how Thomas and his friends (Minho, Newt, Chuck, Theresa etc) attempt in escaping the maze to gain back their freedom that was once taken away leaving them in despair and distress.

It has a very unique storyline that consists of young teenagers who are brainwashed into forcing them to live in a society that doesn’t feel safe or secure. They are made to believe that the maze has no way out and doesn’t guarantee them any escape as they maze has terrifying creatures called ‘Grievers,’ that won’t hesitate in killing them to ensure that they won’t get out easily. Once the new boy, Thomas learns about the way of living in the Glade he feels immense pain and trauma in his brain that questions himself and his purpose; why does he feel familiar in this strange environment full of bystanders? The author tricks us with dramatic devices of building up suspense and tension for instance speeding up the plot: Thomas enters the maze with free will and is told by another boy that no one has ever survived a night in the maze and that is what they must try to do to live without being killed. Throughout the book, Thomas constantly tries to persuade his friends that together they can beat the maze and win. But it isn’t easy as it seems impossible. He befriends many of the Gladers and tries to win their trust so they can stop living in such an unsafe and dangerous environment that makes them appear vulnerable and weak to the eccentric company that contains all the answers: WCKD.

The only way out of the Glade is to survive a night in the Maze.

This drawing was created by Uswa Moghul in year 7
Well done to Jeeya Ali in Year 8
This lovely picture is from Youmna Gul in Year 12

Rochelle Phillips in Year 9 made this fantastic looking Sushi!

Your Cultural Enrichment projects are bringing joy to us all.

Well done,

Mrs Coulson

Oral Health

We know that children who are helped to establish good oral health habits in their early years have a better chance of keeping healthy teeth and oral health for rest of their lives. Good oral health can affect our physical and social health and improve our confidence and our willingness to participate in school/work and social activities.

Slough Healthy Smiles are working with Health and Wellbeing Slough to deliver online Oral Health information and training sessions to schools. We offer short interactive interesting oral health information sessions to small groups of children in their classroom with their teacher present.

We also offer training to staff working with children so if you and your team would like an oral health training session please contact us.

Online sessions are offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays June and July 2020

If you would like to attend these online sessions, Slough Healthy Smiles would love to hear from you. Please email Oral.Health@oxfordhealth.nhs.uk Please state which session you are interested in: information for children/staff and/or staff training. Upon receipt of your email we will arrange a mutually convenient date/time and inform you how to access the session.

Please note: these online sessions are delivered via Microsoft teams, by participating you agree that your email will be displayed during the online session.

For other health services and health information ie on stop smoking, keeping active, children’s health please see www.healthandwellbeingslough.co.uk

Thank you Abra for your helpful advice on leadership of self and others!


Created with images by Annie Spratt - "White daisy bed" • Bart Zimny - "untitled image"