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“It would be right to say that the helicopter's role in saving lives represents one of the most glorious pages in the history of human flight.” - Igor Sikorsky

Exotic Blade Private Helicopter Service. is a safe, efficient, dependable and cost effective provider of helicopter charter services and beyond.

We can fly you to a meeting in San Jose / Silicon Valley, the races at Laguna Seca or take you on a wine tasting tour in Napa. Exotic Blade offers a wide range of charter services to a discerning clientele, from business executives to motion picture production studios.

In addition to the traditional VIP charter, Exotic Blade Helicopter provides many specialized services such as aerial photography, aerial cinematography and aerial surveys.

Exotic Blade employs highly-trained pilots whose flight hours and credentials exceed FAA requirements. Our pilots are in command of a well-maintained fleet of helicopters, and the Company enjoys an unblemished safety record.

Exotic Blade is proud to provide a premier helicopter charter experience, whatever your flight needs may be.

In-Flight Five Star Service

Pop a bottle of bubbly and raise a toast to the night's adventure with your with hors d'oeuvres in hand.

In- Flight Appetizers


Fly-ins to parties, weddings, proms

In-flight proposals

VIP and media events

Corporate outings and team building

Airbus’ twin-engine H155 (formerly the EC155 B1) is designed for a wide range of missions, including corporate, offshore transport, medical evacuation, search and rescue and law enforcement operations.

This high-end, 5-tonne helicopter is an enhanced version of the proven Dauphin family, positioning it as the most technologically-advanced rotary-wing aircraft in its category.

201 mph Time Machine

The H155 stands for deployment flexibility and comfort. It offers a spacious cabin with eight VIP seats, satellite telephone, and a sufficiently large luggage compartment.

This high-end dual turbine helicopter has more power than most in its class and reaches a top speed of 201 mph with a range of up to 423 nm. Its low noise level is an added benefit on long trips.


See New York City like never before. Our helicopter sightseeing tours provide you with a bird’s eye view of Manhattan and the surrounding area in comfort and style. Marvel at the splendid architecture of the Chrysler Building,

the Empire State Building and more as you travel down the Hudson River to the New York Harbor and the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum.


Embark on a thrilling helicopter journey over the city of Miami, taking in the main sites from an aerial vantage point. Enjoy expert narration and navigation provided by your knowledgeable pilot, capturing incredible photos of the city only possible from the seat of a helicopter.

As the helicopter grazes the mighty Atlantic Ocean, make out North Miami Beach and the surrounding beaches,


See Downtown Los Angeles skyline is spectacular at night! Hence you will never forget the feeling of flying around the enormous glimmering buildings during your Los Angeles helicopter tour. It is also common to see red carpet events in Hollywood and LA Live, therefore you will feel like you are the star! After all, you will be in the sky.


As the sun sinks below the horizon and the lights come up on the Las Vegas Boulevard, sip a glass of bubbly and take off for a guided night time helicopter tour over the neon-lit sights and glittering landmarks of Sin City.


Enjoy the cream of the crop of Dubai sightseeing. Soar high above iconic landmarks from the comfort of a luxurious helicopter. To get a true feel for the extravagant lifestyle of the Dubai elite, dis is the ultimate experience—and a unique way to see the city and its incredible engineering feats


Cameras to the ready, because this is the ultimate helicopter ride in London. You’ll take an extended, stunning trip from west to east London that keeps on delivering thrill after thrill. Plus, your group will has our helicopter all to yourself

We will coordinate with you're helicopter pilot and FBO to ensure you're helicopter lands alongside you're awaiting jet. Please provide you're FBO and tail number at checkout.

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