Good Life - Florida Museum of Natural History A Spark Story by Johnny Ambers

Nature on Display

The butterfly exhibit was particularly appealing to me when I went to the Florida Museum of Natural History. It was essentially one giant room enclosed in a screen so that the butterflies could not escape. There is a tremendous amount of plants, and a walkway so that we could explore the exhibit. Furthermore, there was a tremendous amount of butterflies. The picture that was captured of me is in the butterfly exhibit. Although, no butterflies can be seen in the picture, I particularly enjoyed seeing the butterflies fly around and sit on the plants. This picture is in front of the coi pond that is in the exhibit. I found this exhibit particularly appealing because it was outdoors and I could walk around and look at all the nature that was around me. From my experience, I learned that butterflies are not always flying around. Obviously before I understood that butterflies do not continuously fly for their entire life, but I had never seen butterflies not moving before. At this exhibit, seeing the butterflies in their natural habitat, I saw plenty of butterflies just remaining motionless on plants.

Nature and Ethics

I feel like this particular exhibit displays the idea of nature and ethics very well. In this picture, behind me is a manatee. Manatees are very prominent in my local area of Brevard County. However, they are going extinct, which is where the idea of ethics comes into play. Leopold points out that we must appreciate the land for more than its economic value. This is true, as we must value the manatee before it goes extinct. Conservation efforts are important. As I went through the museum I recognized a lot of important and interesting things. For example, we saw a "Giant Sloth" which is now extinct. However, this one struck me because it hits close to home, as manatees are beloved in Brevard. The museum allowed me to explore and connect with nature. This particular exhibit made me recognize the importance of conservation efforts, because otherwise, the manatee may not inhabit Brevard forever. Finally, I do feel some sort of ethical responsibility to protect the environment. I think I should do more to protect my local environment, such as the manatee.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This exhibit really helped me step out of my ordinary life. Behind me in the picture is the jaws of the infamous megalodon. These sharks have been extinct for plenty of years. However, it is extraordinarily interesting to imagine what life would be like with these vast sharks roaming the ocean waters today. I think that it would be really fascinating if they still existed today. Furthermore, this exhibit showed me really how incredibly enormous these creatures were. It is clear that the shark could swallow me in one bite. In fact, it could probably swallow six of me without even having to bite down on me. This made me recognize how impressive the world is and the mystery that it holds. It is really interesting to imagine what is out there that we have not discovered yet. Who knows, maybe megalodons still do exist?

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