The Incredible Journey

The incredible journey started with Jimmy a waterdroplet. His family lived in Sunflower Ridge. The day was going well. "Mom can you make me some eggs?" Jimmy yelled from upstairs! "Make them yourself you're 150 years old!" she replied. Jimmy came downstairs and made his eggs. His friend Jack asked if he could come over. He asked his mom,who said, "Yes" and he was off.

When he reached his friends house he knocked. He heard his friend running to the door. "Hey" Jack said. "Hi" Jimmy replied. Jack wanted to show me his new bike. They were riding together until they were both floating. "What's going on?" Jimmy yelled. "I think we are evaporating," Jack replied.

Before we knew we were in the clouds, it was so fuzzy and soft. It was softer than a feather. A strange looking droplet approached us. "Hello fellow water droplets," he said. They didn't respond. They were to busy looking around. "Welcome to Cloud City ," the strange droplet said. We toured the city then asked how are we able to stay on here. He said something about condensation. Jack understood Jimmy didn't. "We have to get down," Jack told the droplet. Well the only way he told us was to get fat. So we ate a bit of the cloud, there and over there. While wobbling towards another spot of cloud Jack fell. Jimmy grabbed his hand but after Jack was Jimmy was next.

The entire way down Jack was talking about perception and they were going through it. Thud! They crashed into the soil surface. They began infiltrating the soil for what seemed like years. While infiltrating Jack gave a huge lesson on ground water. They found some other groundwater droplets. "It is great that we can stay as a collection to stay safe because we are in numbers." Jack lectured. While infltratining half the droplets got picked up by roots." Just go through the process of transpiration ." Jack told the droplets in the roots. Then they went back to infiltrating. Until they made it to a river. Cool fish surrounded them. Lost didn't know how to get back. While swimming a patrol of police droplets took them to the city,

where they told them how they started floating away at Sunflower Ridge. The police in Sunflower Ridge were searching everywhere. The river police notified the other police they were at the river. There was no easy way for them to get back. They would have to take a train to lake city, where a helicopter would take them to Sun Flower Ridge. But a storm was near, so the helicopter was a maybe.

Once they were at lake city, the helicopter was nowhere to be seen. It got caught up in the storm. It crashed in the ocean heading over to the lake. There was a new plan waiting. They would wait till the storm was gone, to take a boat to the land. The next morning, Jimmy and Jack jumped with excitement. "We're going home!" Jimmy screamed.


The ride was so boring there was nothing to do, except read the old books they had. Jimmy was passed out on the chair. Jack was reading a book titled "The Water Cycle". We had some things happen to us from that book. Jimmy was still asleep when they reached land. So Jack smacked him a few times. When they got off, there on the dock, was their family. They were so happy to see their faces.


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