Teton Sioux By: Linette Nguyen

Are the Teton Sioux still here today? Well they still are... But I will tell you all about their past!

Who are they?

The Teton Sioux tribe, was apart of an even bigger tribe. That bigger Tribe was called Lakota and Dakota. Lakota and Dakota meant that they were allies. Sioux was a bunch of other different tribes put together. They were divided into groups. Teton Sioux was part of the Seven Major tribes. Sioux also meant ''Little Snake.'' Now the Sioux are on a reservation.


The Sioux, have the most well known chief in history! Sitting bull. They obviously had other Chiefs, but Sitting Bull was very well known. He went to war at the age of fourteen, and he is very brave.

A famous quote from Sitting Bull.

Where did they live?

Teton Sioux and Sioux in general lived in many different states. They lived in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota. They also lived in Nebraska, Illinois, Montana and in the Great Plains.


The Teton Sioux, had tipis (Teepees). They were designed to be taken down and put back up easily and quickly. They were made of Buffalo hide and strong wooden poles. It was originally twelve feet high but ever since they had gotten horses for transportation they made it 24 feet high. Inside the Teepees there was a small fire in the middle. A hole in the top, so the smoke from the fire can escape. If there was bad weather, they could cover up that hole. Men drew animals or other things, on the outside of the Teepees. The whole village can be packed up within one hour.

On the outside of this Teepee, the men drew horses.


The women were in charge of the teepees... Not the men. The women also cook and clean.The women also build houses which also belonged to them. The men had to protect their family. Before in the past, the kids had more chores then they do now. Now they go to school and do everything a normal kids does now. But in the past, the kids would go hunting and fishing with their fathers. They had little play time back then. But they still had dolls and toys.

This is a Sioux child hunting with their father.


The Teton Sioux wore mostly animal skins. The men wore deerskin skirts and buckskin shirts with leggings. The women wore full length dresses made from deerskin or elk skin, they had leggings underneath for warmth. The Sioux loved to decorate their clothing. They used beads, shells, animal teeth, claws etc. If it was cold they wore animal hide robes. For shoes they wore moccasins. Later, they started adapting European clothing. Such as, vests, cloth dresses and their robes.

The Sioux Women dress.

Fun fact!

Sioux have very long hair, high cheekbones and large noses!


The Teton Sioux, had bows and arrows, spears and war clubs. They had buffalo hide shields, and they used a snare/trap to capture animals in. They would herd the animals into the snare.

This is an example of a spear.


In the 16th century the Sioux used horses as transportation. Then they had dogs pull land sleds, called travois. They also used horses to pull land sleds as well.

Arts and Crafts

For arts and crafts, the women did quillwork which is dyed porcupine quills that are weaved into leather or birchbark, and bead work. The men did buffalo hide paintings, and painted the outside of their teepees. They made tobacco, which was very important to them.


The Teton Sioux had a diet consisting of mostly meat. They ate corn, chokeberries and potatoes. But that's mostly all the vegetables and fruits they eat. They ate buffalo meat, since they would keep up with buffalo migration patterns. They also ate elk, antelope, turkey and deer meat.

These are black chokeberries.


Now, mostly all Teton Sioux speak English. About 15,000 Sioux are bilingual in their Sioux language. But their are some pronunciation differences. "Hau" means friendly greeting, you say it like you are saying "how" in English. "WaĆĄte" means good, and it is pronounced like "wash-tay".

Religion and traditions

Most Teton Sioux (and Sioux in general) believed that all things had power. If you behaved well the power would help you, and if you behaved badly it will hurt you. They also believed in a god. The god was called Wakan Tanka, the creator of all things. They also had spiritual groups that believed in spirits. Seven main spiritual ceremonies were held during the year. Two of them were The Keeping Soul, and Vision Quest. They also had Powwows which are held at the some time of year. They would dance sing and eat lots of food.


The Teton Sioux, are allies with the Great Plain people. They communicated using Great Plain Sign language.

My sources are Orrin's website, and an Epic book.

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