Male Artists Through History Breaking Gender Roles in Fashion Abby Pikett

David Bowie performs during shooting a video for his song Rebel Rebel in AVRO's TopPop, a Dutch television show in 1974.
Elton John performs on the Cher Show in 1975 while wearing a glamorous costume unlike traditional men's fashion at the time.
Freddie Mercury performs at New Haven Coliseum in New Haven, CT in 1977 while wearing a patterned jumpsuit in a traditional womens' style.
Singer Boy George at a book signing in Washington D.C. in 1995 can be seen wearing makeup, displaying his confidence in wearing traditionally feminine fashion choices.
Prince performs on stage in New York City in 2013 while wearing a shirt with a ruffled collar, continuing to wear traditionally feminine styles into the 21st century.
Rapper Young Thug appears on the cover of his 2016 album "JEFFERY" wearing a lavender dress, setting the stage for popular 21st century artists to break traditional gender roles in fashion.
Harry Styles performs in Denver, CO in his Live On Tour in 2018, wearing a gold, sparkly outfit, representing his vibrant fashion style.
Lil Nas X back stage at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards can be seen wearing a bright suit with a lace collar, similar to styles seen on Prince in earlier decades.