BOOK OF eZRA returning Home

The Exile comes to an end for the Jews.

King Cyrus sends a herald throughout his kingdom. King Cyrus makes it clear that the main reason the Jews are returning to Judah is to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. He acknowledges that he has received his kingdom from God and he must assist on building the house of the Lord in Jerusalem, he does by letting the Jews return to Judah.


  • The Lord stirred up king Cyrus spirit.
  • King Cyrus authorizes the Jews to return home to rebuild the temple.

Chapter: 2 & 3

  • 42,360 Jews departed from Babyblon
  • 7,337 Servants departed withe the Jews
  • 200 Singers departed with Jews
  • 736 Horses
  • 245 Mules
  • 435 Camels
  • 6720 Donkeys
  • The whole community helped to rebuild the temple according to their resources
Building of the Temple is suspended .

Chapter: 4

  • Adversaries of Judah and Benjamin resist the building of the temple.
  • King Artaxerxes orders to stop the rebuilding of the temple based on the resistance information.

Chapter: 5

  • The rebuilding of the temple is resumed
King Darius issues a decree that allows the temple to be finished.

Chapter: 6

  • Completion of the temple is finished
  • The people of Israel, priest, Levites and the returned exiles dedicate the temple to the Lord

Chapter: 7-10

  • King Artaxerxes commissions Ezra to return to Jerusalem and teach the laws of God to any who do not know them.
  • Denunciation of mixed marriages.
  • Foreign wives and their children rejected.

Summary of the Book of Ezra

In the book of Ezra we can see that God moved the heart of king Cyrus, Darius, and Artaxerxes to allow, and even help the Jewish people to return home.

In chapter: 1-6 covers the return of the Jews from Babylon, led by Zerubbbabel. Chapter: 7-10 Ezra leads a second group of exiles to Israel. He sparks a spiritual revival. By the end of the book, Israel had renewed its covenant with God and had begun acting obedience to God.

David Vargas,


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