V&G San Juanillo Centroamericano, White Honey – West Valley, Costa Rica

Quick Facts

Producer: V&G San Juanillo

Country: Costa Rica

Region: Naranjo, San Juanillo, West Valley

Elevation: 1,625 MASL

Variety: Centroamericano / H1 (Sarchimor “T5296” x Rume Sudan)

Process: White Honey

Harvest: November - February


V&G San Juanillo the result of two friends who wanted to become coffee producers. They purchased the farm in 2011 from a producer who wanted to get out of coffee and dreamed of restoring it to its glory days of production and quality. Shortly after purchasing the V&G San Juanillo, they began planting Caturra and Catuai for their cup quality.

However, due to the leaf rust crisis of 2013 they had to find more viable hybrid varietal options. It was then in 2013 that they began planting Centroamericano. After realizing the varietal’s potential, they have since renovated the entire 14 hectare farm to Centroamericano. The friends’ dreams of being coffee producers are still strong and they have also purchased the next door neighbor’s farm in hopes to expand their renovation process.

While the Centroamericano varietal has made a huge impact on the quality, and production for V&G San Juanillo, they have plans to grow about 80% Centroamericano and 20% mixed varietals such as Geisha, SL28 and others.

Flavor Notes

Tropical Fruit, Grapefruit, Honey

Processing Information


Cherry: 100% red cherry

Fermentation: The coffee is allowed to ferment for 1 night

De-pulping: 4 module Pinhalense with low water consumption

Fermentation: 1 day in the fermentation tanks

Washing: Zero washing. This allows a higher amount of sugars be absorbed by the coffee.

Drying: 100% sun dried; 40% raised drying beds and 60% patios

Regional Information

San Juanillo, Naranjo, West Valley

San Juanillo is the upper part of Naranjo town, and in this part of town coffee and milk production compete for land due to the cold climate and wet weather; both of which are great for grazing dairy cattle and coffee growing. Since the farm is located in the western part of the country it is possible to see the Pacific Ocean on clear days. It is also this Pacific Ocean influence that directly impacts most of the climate. This oceanic influence helps to create distinctive dry and rainy seasons as well as a cool climate, ideal for coffee production.

New in 2019

New Land and Production

The land bought from V&G’s neighbor was pruned and growth is looking great. V&G is looking to have a small production of Catuai for 2019/20 crop. They hope that the pruning rejuvenation, as well as their farm management techniques will assist in this new planted area of Catuai.

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