Substance Use and Abuse Assignment By:Avanish


Why would someone with a negative body image use this?

Many people's bowel don't have movements meaning that many don't take a poop every day which is fine but many only have a bowel movement 3 times a week. Which is bad and so laxatives are needed at this stage which helps them have a bowel movement and allows it to release feces.

What are the risk of Laxatives?

It can cause Nausea,Cramping, Bloating and can be addictive that you depend on laxatives except for bulk laxatives which absorb liquid which make the liquid more smoother. It can also affect the other medications you take and can cause a chemical.


Why would somone with a negative body image take this?

People who have urine problems take this so the body releases more salt and water through your body.People also do take these if they have high blood pressure. Though there many types of diuretics and one of the most common one thiazide diuretics, this is meant more for people with high blood pressure because this expands the blood vessels allowing more blood to go through and allowing more salt to go through your urine which lowers your blood pressure.

What are the risk of this drug?

The risk of this drugs are and the side effects of this drug are, Rarely it can interfere with other health problems you have and you should not be taking these if you have the following because it will effect those diseases or problem urinary ­problems, gout ( Uric acid), severe kidney or liver disease, or Addison’s ­disease( A rare disease which affects your adrenal glands)

Anabolic Steroids

Why would somone with a negative body image take this?

People use anabolic steroids for body/health issues like if you have a delayed puberty, Hormonal issues you would use this to treat it. Also body workers or athletes would take this to improve the way their body looks.

What are the risk of anabolic steroids?

There are short term symptoms and long term symptoms. The short term symptoms are: Being paranoid for extremely unreasonable reasons, can be irritated easily and has false ideas/beliefs. Also there are other reasons specified for men and women and age. Including for men Baldness, Development of breast and increased risk of prostate cancer. Including for women, symptoms of puberty that occuer to men as if in Facial growth.


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