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I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer as the majority of Summer Reading Programs have either wrapped up or are wrapping up shortly. Here is a link to 2018 Summer Reading Final Report. The report should cost you roughly 30 mins as long as you have all of your data with you while completing the report. If you have any questions please contact me and I'll do my best to resolve any issue. Please have the report finished by September 28th.

Cardboard Boat Race

We came in second place in the Hudson Crossing 14th Annual Cardboard Boat Race--totally blasting Schuylerville out of the water. Next year we hope to have an armada of library boats racing across river.

The event was so much fun and to see all the effort, creativity, and ingenuity that went into all the different boats we a lot of fun.

This is our Captain finding out that Spectrum News would like an interview.

Libby eBooks and digital Audio books

The number of new users borrowing e-content has jump 22% since last summer.

I've include a link to my drop box full of Libby marketing materials.

  • These include Summer Marketing images for print and the web,
  • outreach for all ages,
  • facebook images.
  • Instructions in multiple languages
  • training tools
  • There is seriously a lot of stuff, from temporary tattoos to bookmarks.

Here are a few example images

New eBooks on Early Literacy

Thanks to the Early Literacy Grant we were able to purchase some eBooks for new parents and for people interested in Early Literacy. There is a new section on the https://salon.overdrive.com/ titled Reading for Parents of Babies--Early Literacy. There just might be some literature that piques your interest.

Additionally, If you have a fun digital reading list that you'd like added to the Salon site send me the list and I'll try and get it added.

Update on Gutenberg

You may notice this the next time you sign-in to your Wordpress site.

While you may be familiar with Project Gutenberg--digitizing print materials--you may be less familiar with the Gutenberg Project. The Gutenberg Project will become the default editor in WordPress as of WordPress 5.0 (due out in August--maybe). The new editor is intended to make it easier to publish rich content. Allowing you to build posts that include images multimedia, embedded content from social media, polls, and other elements that could only be done by writing HTML and JavaScript.

I've been using Gutenberg for several months now and here is what you can expect:

This is an example of a post for last weeks Hello World. The editor is now a block editor meaning everything is broken into blocked content section. Number 1 is a title block, Number 2 is a link to the newsletter and Number 3 is how you add additional block by clicking on the + symbol.

After selecting the + symbol you are presented with different content options. A new paragraph, a heading, or an image. But there are now more advanced forms of content that can be added like audio, video, and quotes.

This is shaping up to be a major change in WordPress and with any major change there are some serious differences in opinions about adding this editor to the core of WordPress. The good news for now is that if you don't want things to change on your site you will have the option of keeping the Classic Editor.

*As always, if you have any questions about Gutenberg please let me know*


  • 4.9.x release with an invitation to install either Gutenberg or Classic Editor plugin.
  • WordPress.com will move to opt-out. There will be tracking to see who opts out and why.
  • Triage increases and bug gardening escalates to get blockers in Gutenberg down to zero.
  • Gutenberg phase two, Customization exploration begins by moving beyond the post.

August and beyond

  • All critical issues within Gutenberg are resolved.
  • There is full integration with Calypso and there is opt-in for users there.
  • A goal will be 100k+ sites having made 250k+ posts using Gutenberg.
  • Core merge of Gutenberg begins the 5.0 release cycle.
  • 5.0 moves into beta releases and translations are completed.
  • There will be a mobile version of Gutenberg by the end of the year.
You might have heard of this project — it’s called Gutenberg, after another invention that revolutionized publishing — but are wondering what it means for you. Who will see the biggest difference, and what it will change for your everyday workflows? Everyone, and everything. The Gutenberg editor uses blocks to create all types of content, replacing a half-dozen inconsistent ways of customizing WordPress, bringing it in line with modern coding standards, and aligning with open web initiatives. These content blocks transform how users, developers, and hosts interact with WordPress to make building rich web content easier and more intuitive, democratizing publishing — and work — for everyone, regardless of technical ability.

Learn to Drive @ your Library

If you're like me you may have cursed some adventurous driver in the past week--maybe even this morning. Maybe we can help educate drivers?

Driving.test.org brings a free Driver's Ed program to your library.

What's included

Each library partner - city library, community library, or school library - receives its own practice test website featuring their own name or logo on the top of every page.

Here's what each practice test website contains:

11 car practice tests

Each practice test features questions just like those on the official written test to help your patrons feel confident about passing.

9 motorcycle practice tests

All practice tests have been updated for 2018 and provide an explanation for every incorrectly answered question.

10 commercial vehicle practice tests

Whether your patrons are preparing to drive a school bus, a truck or a big rig, there are practice tests for them.

3 online driving manuals

The official DMV operator's manuals for car, motorcycle, and commercial driver license (CDL) can be viewed online or downloaded.

If you're interesting in this and would like to add it to your website please let me know.

Interested in starting a Girls Who Code Club?

Would you like to learn more about Clubs including new updates? Join us for an upcoming launch your Club webinar here or check out our brand new Curriculum Overview.

Have questions? Check out our FAQs

The Vault


The Museum of Innovation and Science has graciously offered to provide free admission plus planetarium to any reader who completes a library summer reading program. Additionally they have included coupons for all participants and library patrons



This year as a component of Summer Reading at New York Libraries, the State Education Department and myON are partnering to bring thousands of FREE enhanced digital books to children and their families all around the state! The partnership runs all summer long through September 30, 2018

The New York State Library, myON, the 23 public library systems and the 41 school library systems began rolling out special 2018 Summer login information for use by students and families to local school districts and local public libraries in May. Public libraries or school districts that have not yet received login information are encouraged to contact their library system director.


The myON Digital Library provides young readers with more than 6,000 fiction and nonfiction e-books, covering a broad range of topics and themes. Unlimited 24/7 access is offered, online and offline. Flexible supports include professionally recorded audio, text highlighting, an embedded dictionary and a zoom feature to support independent reading. (These features enable families to read together, even if there isn’t a proficient adult reader in the household).

Resources and tips for parents and educators include on-demand videos, tip sheets, strategies and more to support meaningful family literacy experiences.

Readers can access the myON Digital Library and its special features online from any web-enabled device and offline using the free myON app. Families can download up to 20 books at a time for reading offline. myON logins may be used anytime and anywhere — at school, at the library, at home or on the road.


Students who already have a myON login will continue to use that login to access the myON Digital Library and continue reading throughout the summer. myON is providing special Summer 2018 logins for all other children and families so all of New York’s children from birth and beyond can read anytime and anywhere through September 2018.

  • Each school district, New York City Borough, and each of the 23 public library systems has a unique Summer 2018 login.
  • Families with young children, home-schooled students, charter school students, nonpublic school students, caregivers and others will use their public library login.
  • A state-level login is also available on the Summer Reading at New York Libraries site at http://www.summerreadingnys.org/ and the DayByDayNY (http://daybydayny.org/) and DayByDayNYSP in Spanish (http://daybydaynysp.org/) early literacy sites. Students who use Talking Book and Braille Library services may also participate in Summer Reading and access myON digital books at http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/tbbl/summer.htm
Ghosts, Zombies, and all things Bermuda Triangle

To login go to www.myon.com and click the myOn Login button.

School Name: Southern Adirondack Library System

For PreK - Grade 5: Username: salsstudent1 PW: read

For Grades 6-8: Username: salsstudent6 PW: read

Feel free to advertise (give out the login info) on your website, on all your social media, and in your library.

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