Smaller Things By Jack, Benji, & parker

Comets are the largest of the 5 "Smaller Things". Irregularly shaped, comets have an elliptical orbit. When enough burns off it becomes a Asteroid or Meteoroid. Comets are made of comas, tails, and nucleui. The tail always faces away from the sun. They are also referred to as "Dirty Snowballs" The tail is made of gas and dust.
Asteroids are rocky and metallic objects. They are also the second largest object besides planets. Most of the asteroids are located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
Meteoroids are also rocky and metallic. Smaller than asteroids and orbit the sun.
Meteors are the light and tail off of the actual meteoroid which is stony and metallic.
Meteorites can be from the size of a couple meters to like shown 70 TONS. A meteorite is a meteoroid that has passed through an atmosphere and not burned up. The meteorite shown is the Hoba Meteorite which is the largest of its kind.

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